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If you love science and want to share that passion with students, this is the degree for you. Physical science teachers are all-purpose science teachers who teach more than one field of science.
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Physical Science

As a Physical Science major you'll study geology, astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, and physics. MSU's Division of Science offers a choice between a straight physical science degree and an environmental science option, which places greater emphasis on biology and geology.

Program offerings

Learning to teach
Physical Science is a learn-by-doing degree. You'll participate in a wide range of practicum-centered experiences and be encouraged to participate in faculty research projects. You also will take core education classes in curriculum development, classroom management, planning and assessment, teaching diverse and exceptional learners, and child, adolescent and educational psychology.

Requirements for future teachers
Admission to the teacher education program is selective. Criteria includes:

In addition to university wide teacher education requirements, there are additional Division of Science requirements.

Once accepted to the program, education majors participate in classroom experiences and complete a student teaching requirement.

Is teaching right for you?
Teachers like working with children and adolescents, have a command of the content they teach, are good at explaining things, have a sense of humor, are fair-minded and build relationships with students and parents. They often work with students from varied ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds. In addition to conducting classroom activities, they may oversee study halls and homerooms, supervise extracurricular activities and accompany students on field trips.

Employment outlook
Overall, teacher employment is expected to remain steady in the Midwest and grow faster than average in the South and West. Those who teach science are more likely to find teaching jobs.

Our facilities
As a physical science major you will take most of your classes in Cyril Moore Hall. Home to the geology, biology, physics, and chemistry departments, Cyril Moore houses nearly 30 laboratories where students assist with faculty research and conduct their own research projects.

College of Education and Health Sciences

To learn more, visit our Science Education web site. Better yet, schedule a campus visit so we can meet face-to-face and show you around.

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Dr. Ryan Winburn
Chair of Science Department
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