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University Diversity Committee


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2016 International Cultural Celebration             
Thursday, November 17th, 11:00 – 1:00
2nd floor of the Student Center

Each year during “International Education Week” the MSU Diversity Council coordinates a celebration of cultures from around the world.  During this event students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to share an aspect of their home country or native culture through colorful displays, photos, cuisine, music, or other performances.

Student clubs, groups, and individuals are invited to join the event!
The deadline to sign up is Tuesday, November 8th.
Download a registration form [pdf].

UDC's Mission
The University Diversity Committee’s (UDC) mission is to help to build a diverse and multicultural university climate.

UDC's Membership
The University Diversity Committee (UDC) reports directly to the University President. Regular or Core members who are appointed and approved by the University President Voluntary Members at large (who may help to serve on the action teams or subcommittees). Anyone will be welcome if they are very supportive of the University Cultural Diversity’s mission, projects or initiatives.

UDC's Action Teams/Subcommittees
To align with Vision 2013’s Strategy 4, below are some examples of diversity teams, groups or subcommittees for various projects and initiatives.

  1. Cultural Diversity Climate Survey Team
  2. Native American Action Team
  3. International Education Action Team
  4. Gender and Women, GLBT Team
  5. Equal Opportunity, Access/Disability (NDCPD), Aging Group.
  6. Diverse students and employees’ recruitment and retention Group
  7. Diversity (week) action team
  8. Diverse and Multicultural curriculum and Learning Group