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Undergraduate Catalog


Bachelor of Science in Nursing
RN to BSN Online
Health Management Science Minor
Health Management Science Concentration

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (128 cr)
The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is a four-year course of study and provides a broad background of liberal arts, sciences, and general education as a minimum foundation for professional nursing. A graduate is prepared as a generalist practitioner in nursing and is qualified to take the licensure examination to become a registered nurse. Minot State University’s nursing program provides experiences in meeting human needs holistically along the health-illness continuum. The Department of Nursing reserves the right to alter content, sequence, and courses offered in the nursing program to maintain relevance with current and future professional nursing education and practice.

There are additional expenses for all students admitted to the program related to program fees, uniforms, supplies, travel and exams. Please contact the department for current expenses.

Requirements for Application for Admission into the Nursing Major
Admission to the nursing major (NURS 255 and higher numbers) requires that a student has demonstrated scholarly ability to pursue a professional career in nursing. An Application for Admission to the Nursing Major must be submitted by September 15 for Spring admission and by February 1 for Fall admission, along with the $25.00 application fee.

Prior to applying to the nursing major, a student must have met the following criteria:

  1. Completed Minot State University admission requirements. This needs to be done before making application to the nursing major. The application , required fee, and offical transcript(s) from previously attended colleges and universities should be sent to the Admissions Office.
  2. Completed all science courses within 10 years prior to admission to the nursing major. Students with a previous bachelors degree in a professional clinical health care role (ex: radiology, medical technologist) who have documented clinical practice within the last 10 years may have the 10 year science policy waived. If the student accepts the waiver, their transcribed grade for science courses will be used for application.
  3. Maintained a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.75. May waive as a condition for application the required cumulative GPA from a previous bachelors degree as transcripted by Minot State University on the official transcript. The required support course GPA remains at 2.8 for application. In addition, the candidate requesting this waiver must score a minimum of 78% on the TEAS V test to be considered for admission. The cumulative GPA will be used as a tiebreaker.
  4. Achieved a minimum grade of "C" in each required support course. Support courses that are repeated must be successfully completed with a "C" or better prior to application.
  5. Required Lab Science Courses can be repeated only once.
  6. Achieved a GPA of 2.8 in required support courses.
  7. Completed or enrolled in a minimum of 50 SH
  8. Completed a minimum of 8 required support courses of which two are Sciences (Biol 142, Biol 220, Biol 221, Chem 115).
  9. Required Support Courses 40 SH
    BIOL 142 General Microbiology                   4
    BIOL 220 Anatomy & Physiology I                 4
    BIOL 221 Anatomy & Physiology II                4
    CHEM 115 Introductory Chemistry (or equivalent) 4
    SOC 110 Intro to Sociology                      3
    PSY 111 Intro to Psychology                     3
    ENG 110/120 College Composition I or II         3
    HMS 213 Life Span Growth & Development          3
    NURS 253 Nursing Perspectives                   3
    COMM 110 Fund of Public Speaking                3
    HMS 240 Nutrition                               3
    Cultural Course (HMS 333, SS 283, Soc 374)      3
    (Cultural courses must address a variety of cultures.)
    Support Courses for the Nursing Major Not Required for Admission (9 cr)
    PSY 270 Abnormal Psychology (3)
    Philosophy Course (3)
    Statistics Course (3)
  10. All students born outside the United States and Canada must complete the TOEFL:IBT with a minimum score of 79 or minimum paper based score of 550 as a requirement for admission into the nursing the nursing major.
  11. All applicants must take the TEAS V test and achieve a "proficient" level score to be eligible for admission.
  12. A 1-2 page essay on your philosophy of nursing must be included with the application.
  13. Two references must be submitted before the deadline for application. The reference form may be downloaded from the DON web page at: These reference forms must be mailed directly to the Department of Nursing at Minot State University by the recommender (not the applicant).
  14. The signature of your advisor is required for admission application. It is expected that you communicate through email, phone, or in person with your advisor during the application process.

Requirements after Admission to the Nursing Major (63 cr)

**These courses are open to general college students and may be taken before or after admission to the Nursing major.

A criminal background check is required of all students admitted into the MSU Nursing Program before clinical experiences occur. See the policy and procedure regarding criminal background checks for further information on the Department of Nursing Web site.

Students must successfully complete each semester’s listed nursing, support, and HMS courses before advancing to the next semester. Students are required to meet or exceed established assessment benchmarks for progression and graduation.

Progress in the Major
Nursing majors must achieve a minimum grade of "C" in nursing courses and required supplemental courses for continuous progress in the nursing program. PSY 270 Abnormal Psychology must be completed with a minimum grade of "C" prior to NURS 354 Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing. HMS 215 Pharmacology and HMS 243 Pathophysiology must be completed prior to or concurrent with N256 and N264. A statistics course must be completed with a grade of ‘C’ or better prior to or concurrent with N363 Theory and Research. To obtain a minimum grade of "C," nursing courses may be repeated one time only subject to Admission and Progression committee recommendations, faculty decision and such considerations as availability of faculty, clinical resources, and classroom spaces. The Faculty Committee reserves the right to deny the readmission of a student who failed one or more courses in the nursing major. Any student not making satisfactory progress may be subject to stipulations, such as probationary status, providing evidence of adequate aptitude for nursing, or evidence of academic improvement in prerequisite or concurrent courses. Documentation of any or all of these may be required.

Special student requests, such as for readmission, should be directed by petition or letter to the Admission and Progression committee through the Department of Nursing Chair’s office.

Adherence to policies in the Department of Nursing Handbook is required and includes the maintenance of current CPR certification and immunizations. Students must successfully complete each semester’s listed nursing courses before advancing to the next semester.

RN to BSN Online (128 credits)
The Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Registered Nurses is available in an online format with one designated clinical course. Individual clinical experiences are arranged by students under the direction of qualified expert faculty.

Requirements for Admission:

  1. Make application to Minot State University.
  2. Request an appointment with the Advanced Standing Director in the Department of Nursing. An informal credit review of prior course work will be conducted to plan a program of study.
  3. Students who have graduated from a board approved nursing education program and have passed NCLEX-RN® need to:
    1. Make application to the Department of Nursing.
    2. Submit nursing license documentation to the Department of Nursing.
    3. Submit a criminal background check and fee.
  4. Students who have graduated from a board approved nursing education program, but have not passed NCLEX-RN ® may take the following courses before acceptance into the program:
    1. General education courses
    2. Required support courses
    3. Nursing 363 Theory & Research
    4. Nursing 383 Professional Nursing I
    5. Special Topics course approved by the Nursing Department

General Education Courses (38 cr)
Required Support Course: Statistics (3-4)
Online Nursing Courses (21 cr)

NCLEX-RN ® Examination Credit (40 cr)
Electives or Transfer Courses (26 cr)
A minimum of 30 credits need to be taken at Minot State University.

Health Management Science Minor (24 cr)
THe goal of the Health Management Science Minor is to:

Required Core (11 credits)

Elective Courses
Select courses to reach 24 credits:

Health Management Science Concentration (12 cr)
(Open to General College students. Concentration not required for the nursing major.)

Elect from any of the Health Management Science (HMS) course offerings and/or from the following nursing courses: