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Faculty Senate

Online Studies Committee

Currently not an Active Insitutional Committee

The mission of the Online Studies Committee is to submit recommendations for improvements for MSU Online to the Vice President of Academic Affairs. To carry out this mission, the committee shall:

  • Examine the delivery of online courses and identify improvement areas
  • Review requests for development stipends for online undergraduate and graduate courses.
  • Study opportunities for innovation in MSU Online
  • Assist in formulating policies involving MSU Online.


  • Standing Members:
    • Dean for the Center for Extended Learning, Student Government Association president, Student Services representative, Online Degree Advisor, Online Coordinator, Office of Instructional Technology representative, Director of Information Technology Center,
  • Three-year appointments:
    • Three faculty from each of the three colleges
  • Two-year appointment:
    • College dean
  • SGA:
    • The current SGA president plus two additional students

Method of selection: The University President will appoint the faculty members and dean. The SGA president will appoint student representatives.

Note: If Online Studies Committee members apply for online course development stipends, they will not participate in the review process.