Keep U Safe Forms

Before You Begin: If this is an emergency that requires immediate attention, dial 9-1-1 or contact MSU Security at (701) 858-4357.

Report a Student, Faculty, or Staff Member of Concern
Complete this form if you are noticing a student, faculty or staff member that may be in distress that impacts them academically, emotionally, behaviorally, or physically. Distress may result in displays of different types of behaviors that raise concerns. Students in distress may benefit from a personal referral or other personalized outreach to connect them with support resources available on campus. The goal is to support students who may be in distress or whose behavior is of concern to others BEFORE they rise to crisis levels.
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» Printable Contact Chart [pdf]
» Assisting the Distressed Student Manual [pdf]

Title IX Complaints
To file a complaint involving sexual discrimination (i.e. non-consensual sexual contact/intercourse, domestic violence, stalking) please complete this form. This form is filed securely online and accessible only to the Title IX office.
» Secure Online Reporting Form
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Anonymous Tips
If you wish to advise MSU Security of criminal, suspicious, or dangerous activity in your residence hall, building, or work area, please file the form online.
» Online Reporting Form

Student Complaint and Anti-Discrimination Form
This form will be utilized to address student complaints (academic issues, discrimination, or other) and will be submitted to the VP of Student Affairs for routing to the appropriate administrator.
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