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Facilities Management

On Campus Deliveries, Mail, and Courier Services

Facilities Management will be making the scheduled delivery at the times shown below, but may vary occasionally due to other scheduling needs.

  1. Bulk mail for Minot State University post office to department offices will be delivered between the hours of 9:00 am to Noon.
  2. UPS/Central Receiving items will be delivered to department offices by the close of business. Plant Service’s personnel will pick up any parcels/packages to be sent via courier services during their regularly scheduled deliveries.
  3. Courier mail services incoming and outgoing will be handled through the Facilities Management Department. All courier services will deliver and pickup at Central receiving in the Facilities Management Building (Federal Express Services, Cross Country, Air Borne Express, and UPS).

    To assure desired delivery date, outgoing Federal Express packages should be brought over to Facilities Management no later than 2:30 pm. Any UPS packages should be delivered to Plant by 11:00 am. Facilities Management receives weekly invoices from Federal Express and UPS. A copy of your shipment will be retained to process the billing for your departments.
  4. Departmental mailings-The shipping form provided on this site must be filled out completely & attached to the package to make sure the package is processed correctly. Mail submitted without a shipping form will be returned to the appropriate department. This service will be available to all departments & organizations with on campus fund and department numbers. We do not allow third party billing at Facilities Management.
  5. Personal mailings-We do not process personal mailings unless it has a call tag or a return merchandise authorization (RMA). You will need to go directly to Federal Express or UPS offices and personally pay for any other personal mailing services.
  6. All goods received with correct addresses, including room number and building name will be delivered to the department by Facilities Management. If we do not have the correct name and department on the package, we will hold the item for 48 hours then if no one claims the item, we will return it to the company. The requesting department is required on all deliveries to sign the Facilities Management delivery log accepting delivery of items.