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Wellness Center

Personal Training

The MSU Wellness Center now offers personal training services for current students and faculty/staff who are paying members. Our personal trainers are MSU's own Corporate Fitness Practicum students. All sessions take place with-in the MSU Wellness Center or on the MSU campus.

Individual Training Packages:

  • 1 session = $20
  • 3 sessions = $60
  • 5 sessions = $75 (save $25)
  • 10 sessions = $150 (save $50)
  • 20 sessions = $300 (save $100)

Small Group Training:
We offer personal training for small groups having similar fitness goals. Not only do you get to work out with your friends, but you can do so at a reduced cost!

  • Groups of 2 = $15/person
  • Groups of 3 = $10/person
  • Groups of 4 = $5/person

Clients who purchase 5 or more sessions will receive a complimentary fitness evaluation.

We ask that our clients complete and return the following forms in order to participate:

 Please contact us at (701) 858-4084 if you have any questions, or stop in and ask for Paul, Karina, or Courtenay.