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CEO Cancer Gold Standard

Minot State University was accredited June 1, 2009 with the CEO Cancer Gold Standard ™ certification, recognizing the organization’s commitment to the health of their employees and family members by certifying their efforts to meet an exceptionally high standard of cancer prevention, screening and care guidelines.

What is the Gold Standard?
The CEO Cancer Gold Standard ™ is a series of cancer-related recommendations, developed by the CEO Roundtable on Cancer, to fight cancer in workplaces in the United States. The Gold Standard is a comprehensive program with three main goals:

  • Risk Reduction through Lifestyle Change: reducing the risk of cancer by not using tobacco and by maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle,
  • Early Detection: detecting cancer at the earliest possible stage, when treatment has the best chance of improving outcomes, through age and gender-appropriate screenings, and
  • Quality Care: ensuring access to the best available cancer treatment.

The CEO Cancer Gold Standard ™ focuses on five critical areas, known as the Five Pillars. The five pillars align with the Gold Standard’s goals as follows:

  • Risk Reduction through Lifestyle Change
    • Tobacco Use
    • Diet & Nutrition
    • Physical Activity
  • Early Detection
    • Prevention, Screening and Early Detection
  • Quality Care
    • Access to Quality Treatment and Clinical Trials

For each area of focus, or pillar, CEO Cancer Gold Standard ™ organizations:

  • maintain a culture that encourages healthy lifestyles and provides the support needed when a diagnosis of cancer becomes a reality, and
  • offer benefits and programs that help to prevent cancer, detect it earlier and provide access to high-quality treatment, including cancer clinical trials.