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Wellness Center

To educate and inspire behavior that is positive, helpful, and intended to promote social responsibility, acceptance, and friendship. 
Have you ever been concerned about a situation and wanted to help... but didn't? YOU'RE NOT ALONE.
This situation is more common than you might think, and is known as the bystander effect.
That's why MSU is implementing the Step UP! Bystander Intervention Program.
Step UP! is used nationally by athletics, Greek life, student affairs, campus health, violence prevention centers, residence life and many others.  

StepUp! Campus Presentations 

If you are interested in hosting a StepUp Presentation please contact
Karina Stander, 701-858-4078 or Courtenay Burckhard, 701-858-4082. 

Presentations typically last between 1-1.5 hours. participants will leave with a stronger understanding of why we don't StepUp! and fall into the bystander trap, how to StepUp!, and a list of campus and community resources. 

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Campus Policies can be found at MSU Student Handbook