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Wellness Center


Mission Statement:

The mission of MSUWell is to promote the 
8 Dimensions of Wellness* by using a collaborative
campus approach: through health promotion,
educational programming, and service to the MSU Community.

Committee Members:


  • Karina Stander, Wellness Center
  • Courtenay Burckhard, Wellness Center


  • Melissa Fettig, Student Health Center
  • Paul Brekke, Wellness Center
  • Dan Conn, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, TEHP
  • Teresa Loftesnes, Marketing
  • Sherie Saltveit, Center for Extended Learning
  • Dr. Dianna Anderson, Assistant Professor, Music
  • Anna Dykeman, Campus Minister
  • Nancy Mickelson, Campus Counselor

Annual Events:

  • 5K Homecoming Fun Run- Wellness Scholarship Fundraiser
  • Blood Drives
  • Walking Challenge
  • Wellness Fair
  • Healthy Holiday Challenge
  • Biggest Loser Challenge

*EmotionalPhysicalOccupationalIntellectualSocialSpiritualEnvironmental, and Multicultural