Prevention Education Campus Training

Minot State University is committed to sustaining an environment free from discrimination and harassment. As part of the Univeristy's ongoing and continuous commitment to campus well-being, we are providing an online training program designed to inform participants about sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, sexual violence, mandated reporting and  bystander intervention. The employee training also covers our roles as faculty and staff members, as well as, providing on-campus, local and national resource information to students, faculty and staff. It is our responsibility as a university community to work toward eliminating these types of behaviors and actions, and to do so we must be well informed.

Minot State University has partnered with EverFi Foundry to provide the online training for our employees and students that will satisfy the federal requirements as mandated by the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 (VAWA) and Title IX.

Trigger Warning:  This training, by its nature, addresses issues of sexual harassment, misconduct, and violence. The University understands that the training may trigger an emotional response, especially if you have experienced or been impacted by these issues or behaviors. If you have concerns, questions, or would like additional information regarding the training, please contact the Title IX office.

Accessing Training: 
This training may be accessed at

You must enter your email address. You will have the option to return to the training site at a later time if you are unable to complete the courses in one sitting. You will receive reminder emails until the required training is completed. At the conclusion of each training course, you will have the option to print a certificate. All training is tracked and recorded electronically.


I'm experiencing technical difficulties, what should I do?

Help Center for Learners:  

Still having problems? Contact 24/7 tech support or utilize the HELP button within the training program. 

I finished , why hasn't the hold been removed from my account?

If it has been more than 72 hours since you completed Part 1, please login to your account to verify you have completed the training in its entirety. If yes, email Dr. Lisa Dooley or with your student id number requesting assistance with lifting your hold.