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Title IX

Who to Contact If You Have Complaints, Questions or Concerns

Title IX requires the university to designate a Title IX Coordinator to monitor and oversee overall Title IX compliance. Your campus Title IX Coordinator is available to explain and discuss your right to file a criminal complaint (sexual assault and violence); the university’s complaint process, including the investigation process; how confidentiality is handled; available resources, both on and off campus; and other related matters. If you are in the midst of an emergency, please call the police immediately by dialing 9-1-1.

If you have a complaint against an MSU student or employee for sexual harassment, sex discrimination, or sexual assault, you should contact one of the following Title IX Coordinators. Title IX Coordinators are responsible for Title IX compliance for matters involving students and employees, including training, education, communication, and administration of grievance procedure for all complaints against MSU students and employees.

To file a complaint, please see:

» Formal Sexual Misconduct Reporting

» Title IX Contacts

Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights:
1(800) 421-3481 or
If you wish to fill out a complaint form online with the OCR, you may do so at

Complaint Procedures
Title IX requires that the MSU adopt and publish complaint procedures that provide for prompt and equitable resolution of sex discrimination complaints, including sexual harassment and violence.

Except in the case of confidentiality described in the Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting ( related to professional counselors and pastoral counselors, any member of the University community who knows of or has reason to know of sexual discrimination allegations shall promptly inform the campus Title IX Coordinator.

Regardless of whether an alleged victim of sexual discrimination ultimately files a complaint, if the campus knows or has reason to know about possible sexual discrimination, harassment or violence, it must review the matter to determine if an investigation is warranted. The campus must then take appropriate steps to eliminate any sex discrimination/harassment, prevent its recurrence, and remedy its effects.