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Teacher Education and Kinesiology

Program Completion Requirements

Prior to students receiving approval for registration for the BOC, Inc. exam students must receive the approval by the Program Director. To obtain approval by the Program Director students must: Pass the Program Competencies Exam (clinical exam taken at the end of each clinical course, implemented Spring 2012) with a 78%; Complete the requirements for the Athletic Training Program Student Portfolio; Complete the ACES Workshop; Completed at least two BOC Self Assessment Exams in the HPER 425 Course and have met graduation requirements for the athletic training major. Portfolios are due at the end of the semester of the student’s capstone course for evaluation, or prior to registration for the BOC, Inc. exam. This will allow for the faculty to determine if the student has sufficiently completed the competencies and proficiencies (performed Clinical Integration Proficiencies successfully for students in the 5th Edition of the Competencies and attained three proficient scores on action based proficiencies taught in the student’s clinical courses) to become a successful entry-level athletic trainer.

Graduation Requirements For the Athletic Training Major

  • Pass the Program Competencies/ Proficiencies Exam (clinical exam taken at the end of each clinical course, implemented Spring 2012) with a 78%
  • Completed Portfolio Evaluation Rubric and Signed by the Program Director
  • Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.75 or greater in the major and no grade below a C in the Athletic Training Major Core coursework.
  • Proof of HBV Immunization
  • Signed Technical Standards
  • Completed all Clinical Courses with no grade below a C
  • Completed all Clinical Proficiencies
  • Completed Criminal Background Checks/ Signed Disclosure form for Semester of Graduation
  • Completed the ACES Workshop and have completed at least two BOC Self-Assessment Exam in the HPER 425 Capstone Course
  • Have Current Professional Rescuer CPR/AED Training
  • Complete all Athletic Training Major Requirements
  • Complete General Education Requirements 
  • Completed Academic Record Tracking Sheet
  • Received satisfactory scores on Professional Behaviors on Preceptor Evaluation of Students Forms
  • Show satisfactory scores on Preceptor Evaluation of Students
  • Completed General Medical Clinical Experience, Equipment Intensive Clinical Experience, and have worked with Men’s and Women’s Athletics.