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Teacher Education and Kinesiology

Dr. Heather Golly

Athletic Training Program Director, Assistant Professor

Office: Swain 108E
Phone: 701-858-3276

B.S.E: Minot State University
M.A.: Ohio State University
Ph.D.: North Dakota State University

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Minot State University while majoring in Physical Education, Corporate Fitness, and completing an internship in Athletic Training, so I am familiar with the demands of all of the programs offered in our department. After graduation from Minot State University I went into practice as an Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Specialist at Trinity Sports Medicine for four years prior to attending graduate school at The Ohio State University. At The Ohio State University, I obtained my Master’s Degree in Exercises Science while working as a Teaching Assistant in the Health and Exercise Science Department. My research focus was on muscle recruitment while on stabile and unstable surfaces. After completing my master’s degree in the Summer of 2002, I was hired at Minot State University. I Completed my PhD in Education with a focus on Institutional Analysis at North Dakota State University 2011. My PhD studies allowed me to develop the Athletic Training Program at Minot State University and pursue my passion in this area.

I love teaching students about the body, body movements, and injuries. A teaching goal of mine is to involve students in hands-on experiences that they can learn from in a meaningful way. 2018 marks my 16th year teaching at Minot State University. Throughout my tenure at Minot State University I have taught a variety of classes, one thing that hasn’t changed is my belief that each teaching experience can help me improve. It is my belief that a good teacher is a reflective teacher that evaluates each teaching experience to determine the effectiveness of the lesson. I believe in engaging students in the learning process to empower and motivate them. Engaging students in their learning can be accomplished through the use of multiple teaching styles to try to reach as many students as possible.

I have an open-door policy and encourage students and advisees to come to my office and visit!