Goal 2: Recruit & Enroll

Increase student enrollment and improve student support services.

Objective 1: Support student recruitment to increase enrollment.

Action Items:

  1. Update and implement a strategic enrollment management plan.
  2. Establish a multi-year scholarship package to recruit and enroll quality first-year and transfer students.
  3. Innovate with financial support to maximize the impact on graduate enrollment.
  4. Experiment with flexible offerings for graduate, online, and distance students.
  5. Enhance marketing and branding strategies.

Objective 2: Effectively and efficiently transition new students.

Action Items:

  1. Establish a virtual one-stop shop for registration, records, financial aid, scholarships, tuition, billing, payments and more.
  2. Provide prompt access to faculty and staff advisors year round.
  3. Automate common workflow processes to increase efficiency, improve response times, and reduce paper processes.
  4. Continue to improve undergraduate orientation programming.
  5. Offer orientation for graduate students.

Goal Leadership: VP for Student Affairs



Recruit and Enroll Committee

  • Gary Rabe, Professor of Criminal Justice - co-chair
  • Kevin Harmon, Vice President for Student Affairs - co-chair
  • Teresa Loftesnes, Director of Marketing
  • Katie Tyler, Director of Enrollment
  • Jacek Mrozik, Associate VP for Graduate and Continuing Education
  • Bill Harbort, Professor of Art
  • Cari Olson, Insitutional Research
  • Melissa Cantone, Associate Registrar
  • Janna McKechnie, Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving
  • Matt Murken, Men's Basketball Coach
  • Michael Brooks, Director of Academic Assessment
  • Mike Linnell, Director of University Communications
  • Tawnya Bernsdorf, Instructor of Marketing
  • Lisa Borden-King, Head of Teacher Education Unit
  • Andy Bertsch, Professor of Management
  • Paul Markel, Professor of Psychology
  • Robert Norman, Director of Center for Extended Learning
  • Shelby Tornato, Student
  • Dylan Hennessy, Student
  • Kara Charette, Student
  • Sal Rodriquez, Alumni and Admissions Counselor