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Social Work Program

Jim Wahlberg Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Jim Wahlberg joined the faculty at Minot State University in 1976 where he developed the Social Work Program. He chaired the Minot State University Social Work Program until 1997.

Dr. Wahlberg graduated from Jamestown College and held graduate degrees from Arizona State University and the University of Utah where he received his doctorate in social work. He was an active member of the Council on Social Work Education, serving on its Commission on Accreditation. He was a member of the Association of Baccalaureate Program Directors, a long time member of the North Dakota Conference of Social Welfare, and the National Association of Social Workers.

An avid sports enthusiast, Dr. Wahlberg participated in several team and water sports and followed closely the Minot High School athletic events. Over the years, he work with the Native American community establishing special projects in social work education and initiating a sweat lodge in Minot for Native American ceremonies. He was honored with a peace pipe and other gifts for his leadership and advocacy.

Dr. Wahlberg will be remembered for his energy and enthusiasm, his ready grin, his commitment to social work education, and by the students of his 23-year teaching career.

During his tenure at Minot State University, Dr. Wahlberg began a scholarship for social work students and hoped it would help students continue their education and give some incentive in their efforts to complete a social work degree.

In memory of Dr. Jim Wahlberg (deceased: November 17,1999), the Social Work Program has named this scholarship the Jim Wahlberg Social Work Scholarship. A plaque with his picture and with the names of each student recipient listed by the year of award will be placed in the Social Work Program Office.

If you are a social work student and are interested in the Jim Wahlberg Social Work Scholarship stop by the Social Work Program Office for more information or call 701- 858-3404.

Plaque and flyer sponsored by a NASW-ND benefactor

Application process:

  1. Complete and submit the application to the Director of Social Work, Memorial Hall, Room 230Q, by 4:00 PM January 30.
  2. You must have three letters of reference submitted to the Social Work department as part of your application. You are responsible to check with your references to be sure the reference letters were completed and sent to the department.

» Jim Wahlberg Scholarship Application [pdf]