Minutes of MiSU Faculty Senate

November 25, 2003


Members present:, Larry Atwood, Lisa Borden-King, Rita Curl, Christian Fantoni, Patti Fedje, Nancy Hall, Leisa Harmon, Christopher Keller, Karland Kilian, Paul Markel, Cheryl Nilsen, Ernst Pijning, Susan Podrygula, Beth Pross, Gary Rabe, Ron Royer, M. Saeed, Clarine Sandstrom.

Members absent: Chris Beachy, Casey Coleman, Alexandra Deufel, Joan Houston, Robert Kibler, Clark Markell, David McCormack, Linda Olson, H. Erik Shaar, Michelle Sauer, and two students not yet selected.

Guests present: Ron Fischer (proxy for Robert Kibler), Bill Harbort (proxy for Linda Olson)


The meeting was called to order by President Paul Markel.


Susan Podrygula moved to approve Bill Harbort as proxy for Linda Olson and Ron Fischer as proxy for Robert Kibler. Rita Curl seconded the motion. The motion carried.


New Business:

Committee on Committees Report: Since the report came as a recommendation out of committee, it has therefore been moved and seconded by committee to adopt its recommendations. It was stated that past practice has been to elect committee chairs in the fall and pass the gavels at that point rather than at the end of spring semester. Possible changes in faculty make-up of committees due to faculty leaving may also make selection of the chair in spring semester problematic for continuity. It was suggested that each committee develop its timeline for selecting its chair based on functionality. Current language in the by-laws indicates that committee chair elections are to take place at the end of spring semester.


Wording to be adopted concerning these items is as follows: “The duties for all committees should include at least one meeting annually, at which the committee is to produce its annual report to the Faculty Senate. The Faculty Senate President should contact each committee during fall semester and determine whether a chair has been selected. If one has not been selected at that time, the President may then appoint a chair.”


It was suggested that one or two representatives from each committee meet with the President all at the same time to accomplish this. It was noted that according to Robert’s Rules of Order, if a committee does not have a chair, its first duty is to convene and elect one.


A suggestion was made to have each committee focus its agenda on one aspect of a senate goal for the year and help the Full Senate achieve that goal.


Discussion moved to the Academic Hall of Fame Committee. It has not met up to this point. The question was asked whether this committee is needed. Pres. Markel will get this committee going. A question was raised as to whether the Academic Hall of Fame would be limited to faculty or would also include students who win scholarships such as the Goldwater Scholarship or Eisenhower Scholarship.


The following wording was presented concerning the Academic Policies Committee: “The Dean of Institutional Planning will be changed to Director of Records. It was decided that 3 faculty members elected at large should be added to the committee, along with a non-voting ex officio Center for Extended Learning Representative served or appointed by the Director of Outreach. It was also agreed that the duties should read something like ‘To examine specific academic policies, both graduate and undergraduate, as directed by the Senate President. The Senate President will determine whether specific issues need full Senate discussion before being sent to the committee.’” These recommendations were approved by consensus.


It was decided to keep the Athletic Policies Committee as it is.


It was recommended that the Budget and Salary Committee be dropped, since it has not met in two years. The suggestion was made that when such a committee might be needed in the future, an ad hoc institutional committee should be appointed which would include three faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate President. Another suggestion was to restructure the current committee to make it more representative of faculty rather than administration. It was suggested that there be one representative from each college plus three members elected at large. The other representatives can stay as they are. The restructuring of the committee was approved by consensus as presented above.


We moved on to the Constitutional Review Committee and the Faculty Handbook Committee. It was suggested to maintain both the paper format and the web format for the Faculty Handbook. Pres. Markel suggested to Dr. Hall that there is a need for support personnel and funds for updating and archiving the Faculty Senate Constitution and By-Laws and for distributing handbook updates.


The 5:00 adjournment time arrived, so the meeting was adjourned.



Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Nilsen, Secretary



Minot State University Faculty Senate
Tuesday, November 25, 2003
3:30 p.m., Westlie Room
1.             Approval of the minutes
2.             Announcements - Paul Markel
3.             Review the Agenda
4.             Administrative report - Nancy Hall
5.             CCF report - Chris Keller
6.             Executive Board Report on Faculty Senate Committees
7.             Adjournment: 5:00pm
Paul Markel, President
Gary Rabe, Vice President
Cheryl Nilsen, Secretary
Casey Coleman, Parliamentarian
Leisa Harmon (04), Susan Podrygula (04), Michelle Sauer (04), Larry Atwood
(05), Karland Kilian (05), Cheryl Nilsen (05), Joan Houston (06), Dave
McCormack (06), Ernst Pijning (06)
Arts and Sciences: Chris Keller (04), Clark Markell (04), Ron Royer (04),
Christian Fantoni (05), Linda Olson (05), Gary Rabe (05), Chris Beachy
(06), Alexandra Deufel (06), Robert Kibler (06)
Business: Patti Fedje (04), Mohammad Saeed (05)
Education and Health Sciences: Lisa Borden King (04), Paul Markel (05),
Rita Curl (06), Beth Pross (06), Clarine Sandstrom (06)
Students (2): To be determined