Minutes of MiSU Faculty Senate

October 2, 2003


Members present:, Larry Atwood, Chris Beachy, Lisa Borden-King, Casey Coleman, Rita Curl, Alexandra Deufel, Christian Fantoni, Patti Fedje, Nancy Hall, Leisa Harmon, Joan Houston, Christopher Keller, Robert Kibler, Karland Kilian, Paul Markel, Cheryl Nilsen, Susan Podrygula, Beth Pross, Gary Rabe, Ron Royer, Clarine Sandstrom, Michelle Sauer.

Members absent: Clark Markell, David McCormack, Linda Olson, Ernst Pijning, M. Saeed, H. Erik Shaar, and two students not yet selected.

Guests present: Stephen Hayton, Steve Huenneke (proxy for Ernst Pijning), Draza Markovic (proxy for Clark Markell).


President Markel called the meeting to order.


Approval of minutes: Patti Fedje moved and Chris Beachy seconded the motion to approve minutes of the September 4, 2003 meeting as presented. The motion carried.

Review the Agenda: The agenda was approved by consensus as presented.
Approval of proxies:  Chris Beachy moved and Lisa Borden-King seconded motion to approve Steve Huenneke and Draza Markovic as proxies for Ernst Pijning and Clark Markell, respectively.  The motion carried.
Administrative report – Dr. Hall reported that two Stage One Curriculum requests from MSU are being submitted to the NDUS Academic Affairs Council on October 7, 2003. One is for a Master of Science in Information Systems (College of Business), and the other is for a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Theatre Arts and a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Communication (Humanities). The master’s degree program reflects the high percentage (75%) of MS in Management students who elect the MIS option. The BA requests allow more clarity in marketing the BA programs than the current BA with a major in Communication Arts with options in Speech or Theatre.
Dr. Hall also reported that SBHE has committed $25,000 to the Arts and Humanities Summit to be sponsored by MSU in fall 2004.
A meeting has been scheduled next week with the Minot Public Schools to continue dialog on the dual credit program for outstanding high school juniors and seniors. A question was raised on the current status of the dual credit program.
Federal Judge Ralph Erickson will be on campus November 21st. He will be available to speak to individual students and classes in the conference center at 9:00 a.m., and to speak to interested faculty at 10:00 a.m. Possible discussion topics include plagiarism, academic freedom, intellectual property rights, electronic privacy, and careers in the justice system. The faculty sponsor is Dr. Rita Curl-Langager.
A flier is being developed to advertise an Entrepreneurship Forum for faculty and students. It will be held on campus in November, with the tentative date of November 19th. The faculty sponsor is Dr. Ji-Hee Kim. The forum may be of particular interest to academic units where creative and innovative products are being developed.
CCF report - Chris Keller stated that CCF has met twice since the last Faculty Senate meeting.  CCF met on Sept. 9 over IVN. There was a lengthy discussion concerning the CCF website, as it is not being maintained.  It will be moved to Valley City, where the current CCF president is.  A suggestion was made at that meeting to revise the academic calendar to have three equal length terms.  This wouldn’t happen until 2006-2007, but is unlikely to occur at all.  No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation issues were discussed, with statements made similar to those expressed at the last Faculty Senate meeting.  The issue of textbook selection and payment kickbacks was raised due to an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education.  It resulted in the proposed SBHE policy 611.9 concerning Selection of Textbooks and Other Curricular Materials. Each of the CCF members will solicit alternate wording from faculty at their home institutions.  Dr. Hall suggested checking the MSU website to see if the board made revisions to the language already. Go to the NDUS option and then to policies.  Discussion was held on whether faulty support the round table.
Sept. 26 in Grand Forks – A presentation was put together which suggested geographically selected liason pairings of CCF members and SBHE members.  Dr. Keller presented the resolution adopted at the Sept. 4 Faculty Senate meeting to the SBHE after they had suggested that the board is very open to faculty input in the search for a new campus president.  CCF members discussed issues for CCF for this year.  First on the list was having influence in the selection of a new NDUS chancellor.  Concern was raised that the next chancellor must have some professorial experience.  He presented a sheet containing the job description.  Dr. Keller asked for input on this matter by Oct. 13 to take back to CCF.  Revision of constitution of CCF may occur on website.  
Leisa Harmon moved and Chris Beachy seconded to suspend the rules and move to curriculum on the agenda.  The motion carried by consensus.
Curriculum—Steve Hayton: Patricia Lomire presented proposed changes in Sociology offerings and rationale for the changes.  They may have some additional changes later due to common course numbering.  Ron Royer moved approval of the package presented by Dr. Lomire.  Chris Keller seconded the motion.  Ron Royer moved to table the previous motion pending second reading, seconded by Steve Huenneke.  The motion carried.
Ron Royer moved to “fast-track” all non-substantial and administrative curriculum changes during the catalog year.  Seconded by Robert Kibler.  The motion carried.
Dr. Lomire presented a second package dealing with History offerings.  Ron Royer moved to fast-track SS391, Hist203, Hist420, and Hist261.  Seconded by Lisa Borden-King.  Motion carried.  Christian Fantoni moved to table the remaining proposed changes.  Lisa Borden-King seconded the motion.  The motion carried.  Ron Royer moved to approve the proposed changes to SS391, Hist203, Hist420, and Hist261.  Chris Keller seconded the motion.  The motion carried.
Steve Hayton presented a package of curriculum changes in mathematics.  Ron Royer moved to fast-track and approve the proposed changes in mathematics.  Seconded by Larry Atwood.  The motion carried.
Steve Hayton presented a package of curriculum changes in foreign languages as a first read.  Christian Fantoni spoke to the changes in German curriculum.   Ron Royer moved to approve the changes.  Steve Huenneke seconded the motion.  Pres. Markel tabled the motion.
New Business:
New construction for Ballroom - Karen Donovan, Lisa Johnson: Lisa spoke about the possibility of new construction for the ballroom.  A decision on what will happen with that space will be made in the next two months.  About ¼ of the student body have not declared majors.  Students frequently do not see their advisors.  To help alleviate the problem of how to adequately advise these “general college” and undecided students, an advising center could be created in the ballroom space, in the midst of student activities.  The writing center, math tutoring, career counseling, guidance counseling, etc. could all be centered there.  Lisa is asking for Faculty Senate support for the purpose of using the ballroom as an advising center.  
Karen Donovan reported that the tutoring situation is difficult here due to lack of a space for the tutoring to occur.  A tutoring center as part of the ballroom space would facilitate tutoring much better than is currently happening.  Use the Trio program as a model of how that may work.  Such services could help with the retention rate problem at MSU.
Update on activity for the Presidential Search Committee - Gary Rabe: Distributed survey to senators to give to their constituents in order to gather data for use in search.
Pres. Markel adjourned the meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
Cheryl Nilsen, Secretary

Minot State University Faculty Senate
Thursday, October 4, 2003
3:30 p.m., Westlie Room
Paul Markel, President
Gary Rabe, Vice President
Cheryl Nilsen, Secretary
Casey Coleman, Parliamentarian
Leisa Harmon (04), Susan Podrygula (04), Michelle Sauer (04), Larry Atwood
(05), Karland Kilian (05), Cheryl Nilsen (05), Joan Houston (06), Dave
McCormack (06), Ernst Pijning (06)
Arts and Sciences: Chris Keller (04), Clark Markell (04), Ron Royer (04),
Christian Fantoni (05), Linda Olson (05), Gary Rabe (05), Chris Beachy
(06), Alexandra Deufel (06), Robert Kibler (06)
Business: Patti Fedje (04), Mohammad Saeed (05)
Education and Health Sciences: Lisa Borden King (04), Paul Markel (05),
Rita Curl (06), Beth Pross (06), Clarine Sandstrom (06)
Students (2): To be determined
1.             Announcements - Paul Markel
2.             Review the Agenda
3.             Approval of proxy for Ernst Pijning
4.             Administrative report - Nancy Hall
5.             CCF report - Chris Keller
6.             Old Business
               a. Promotion and Tenure Guidelines (Draft) - Ferrara attachment
               b. Executive Board Report on Faculty Senate Committees - Casey Coleman
7.             New Business
               a. New construction for Ballroom - Karen Donovan, Lisa Johnson
               b. Update on activity for the Presidential Search Committee - Gary Rabe
               c. Curriculum Committee - Steve Hayton (Chair), Maila Zitelli