Minutes of MiSU Faculty Senate

January 22, 2004


Members present: Larry Atwood, Chris Beachy, Casey Coleman, Patti Fedje, Nancy Hall, Joan Houston, Christopher Keller, Robert Kibler, Karland Kilian, Paul Markel, Clark Markell, David McCormack, Cheryl Nilsen, Linda Olson, Ernst Pijning, Susan Podrygula, Beth Pross, Gary Rabe, Ron Royer, M. Saeed, Clarine Sandstrom.

Members absent: Lisa Borden-King, Rita Curl, Alexandra Deufel, Christian Fantoni, Leisa Harmon, Chad Johnson, Michelle Sauer, H. Erik Shaar, and one student not yet selected.

Guests present: Stephen Hayton (curriculum), Eric Furuseth (proxy for Christian Fantoni)


The meeting was called to order by President Paul Markel.
Joan Houston moved to approve the minutes of the December 4, 2003 meeting. Linda Olson seconded the motion. The motion carried by concensus.
Announcements - Paul Markel:  Dr. Markel will be distributing a memo concerning nominations for the Lifetime Educator Award. Dr. Hall and the Academic Policy Committee will be meeting to address the issue of ACT scores as an admission criterion.
The agenda was reviewed and amended to include approval of a proxy for the meeting.
Robert Kibler moved to approve Eric Furuseth as proxy for Christian Fantoni. Linda Olson seconded the motion. The motion carried by concensus.
Administrative report - Nancy Hall: Dr. Hall reported that there were 33 applicants for the Minot State University President’s position. The Search Committee met on January 21st and selected ten candidates for further study. IVN interviews with the ten candidates are being scheduled for February 10th and 11th. Visits to the candidates’ home campus and visits to Minot State University the week of March 22nd will take place prior to the final recommendation of five candidates to the State Board of Higher Education. The Search Consultant is recommending that, in addition to interviewing the candidates, the campus should be prepared to showcase MSU and the community during the campus visit.
It was reported that Cathy Horvath is MSU’s representative, and one of the IT representatives, on the Learning Management System Task Force. The task force met on January 20th to begin their work in studying the benefits and costs of moving toward one vendor for the delivery of online courses.
Dr. Hall represented MSU at the SBHE Mission Task Force meeting on January 5th. She provided senators with copies of the first draft of the generic mission description of our campus. Text of the draft can be found after the agenda listing after these minutes. Input from the campus is encouraged before the Task Force meets again in February. Contact Dr. Hall with any suggestions.
Three Board of Regents awards will be presented to faculty at the Recognition Banquet on April 22nd. The deadline for nominating a faculty member for recognition in teaching, scholarship, or service is February 6th.
CCF - Chris Keller: CCF met Jan. 9 and Jan. 20. The learning management system issue is being addressed by the NDUS Task Force created for this purpose. There are five faculty from various institutions are among members of the taskforce.
The proposed textbook policy will be looked at again at the February SBHE meeting. CCF has requested that Faculty Senates at all institutions pass a resolution of support for one or the other of the versions. Ernst Pijning moved that MSU Faculty Senate support the version of the policy passed by CCF on January 20, 2004 for submission to SBHE. (Wording of the new version can be found following the agenda in these minutes.) Robert Kibler seconded the motion. Discussion ensued concerning whether the intent of the CCF version was to have disclosure to a supervisor whether or not the faculty author receives remuneration from a publisher or an agent of the publisher. Clarification was made concerning policy vs. procedure, with the version to be adopted by SBHE being policy, while implementation on campuses will be done through campus development of procedures. The motion carried with Ron Royer abstaining.
At the most recent meeting of CCF the proposed 15-day payroll lag that will be initiated in July was discussed. Although it was not supported by CCF, the 15-day lag has been adopted by NDUS. The lack of support for this policy by CCF had no effect, as the policy was adopted.
Gen. Ed. - Ron Royer: Dr. Royer did not have the folder he needed at the meeting, so he will give his report at the next meeting.
MSU Presidential Search - Gary Rabe: One of the semi-finalists for the President’s position is also a semifinalist for the Chancellor’s position. Dr. Rabe informed the Senate about the current status of the search.  Information will be checked on the five finalists concerning financial credit records, civil and criminal background checks, review of driving abstracts, verification of terminal degrees, and publicity checks. There was only one female applicant out of the 33 that applied. The search committee will be speaking with candidates’ colleagues, supervisors, and others to verify information. The semi-finalists have been notified of their status and have also been informed about procedures and North Dakota’s Open Records Law. There will be scrutiny due to the public nature of the position and that the institution’s reputation is at stake.
When the final five candidates come to campus, faculty will have their time for questioning candidates and determining which they feel should be offered the position. Dr. Rabe stressed that it is critical for faculty to attend those sessions, not only to gain information, but also to provide the candidate a positive view of engaged and involved faculty and of the institution as a whole. March 22-30, 2004, are the dates during which the finalists will visit campus.
Old Business: Promotion and Tenure Guidelines – Dr. Markel requested that Senate start its work on the proposed guidelines by having a general discussion first. Chris Beachy read a statement that he had prepared concerning the proposed guidelines about which he has strong feelings. Dr. Beachy moved that all material regarding “Collegiality” be expunged from the proposed changes to the Promotion and Tenure guidelines. Beth Pross seconded the motion. Discussion followed. It was suggested that if collegiality is valued and perceived to be a component in the evaluation of teaching, scholarship, and service, perhaps chairs and deans should be mandated to inform new faculty of the value placed on collegiality when they are hired and apprise faculty of problems when they exhibit non-collegial behaviors. David McCormack moved to table the motion. Joan Houston seconded the motion. The motion failed on a show of hands. A vote on the motion to expunge the “Collegiality” material from the proposed guidelines carried on a show of hands.
New Business: Forums for Promotion and Tenure Guidelines – A question was asked concerning when the forums will occur. Patty Fedje moved to have at least one of two forums before the next Faculty Senate meeting. M. Saeed seconded the motion. The motion carried.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:30pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Cheryl Nilsen, Secretary
Minot State University Faculty Senate
Thursday, January 22, 2004
3:30 p.m., Westlie Room
1.             Approval of the minutes
2.             Announcements - Paul Markel
3.             Review the Agenda
4.             Administrative report - Nancy Hall
5.             CCF - Chris Keller
6.             Gen. Ed. - Ron Royer
7.             MSU Presidential Search - Gary Rabe
8.             Old Business: Promotion and Tenure Guidelines
9.             New Business:
               a. Forums for Promotion and Tenure Guidelines
10.           Adjournment: 5:30pm


Minot State Generic Mission Description


A.        Functional Emphases


1.                  Instruction


2.                  Research


3.                  Regional Service


B.         Clientele


1.                  Regional focus at the undergraduate level.


2.                  Regional, national, and international focus at the graduate level.


3.                  Basic selectivity (as defined by Board policy)


4.                  Serves both traditional age, residential students and adults attending part-time.


5.                  Will arrange for necessary pre-college remedial work to be provided to its students.


C.        Program Emphases


1.                  Baccalaureate and Masters only – no doctoral programs


2.                  At baccalaureate level, focus on general arts and sciences, teacher education, business, nursing, and the applied social sciences (social work, criminal justice, psychology)


3.                  At graduate level, limited offerings focused on state/national/international needs – e.g., education and business.


D.        Other Roles


1.                  A special emphasis through the Rural Crime and Justice Center and the North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities.


2.                  Responsible for assessing needs in service region and brokering programs including workforce training that ensure that priority needs are met.


3.                  Develop a special expertise in rural economic development*


*Potential new mission area

New version (as passed by CCF 20/1/04 for presentation to SBHE)




Section: 611.9 Selection of Textbooks and Other Curricular Materials



The following rules govern selection of textbooks and other curricular materials:


1. An instructor may not receive financial compensation or any other form of remuneration from a publisher or an agent of the publisher for the purpose of adopting textbooks or other curricular materials.


2. If an instructor adopts a textbook or other curricular materials that he/she authored that instructor must disclose that situation to his/her supervisor.


3. Each institution shall adopt procedures implementing this policy.


HISTORY: New policy.