Minutes of Faculty Senate Executive Board Special Meeting

October 9, 2003 3:30 PM

Souris Room


The meeting was called to order by Pres. Paul Markel.


In attendance: Paul Markel, Cheryl Nilsen, Casey Coleman, Christopher Keller, Steve Hayton (Proxy for Michelle Sauer). 

Absent: Nancy Hall, Ji-Hee Kim, Gary Rabe, Michelle Sauer.

Guests: Lisa Johnson, Karen Donovan.



  1. By consensus Steve Hayton was approved to serve as proxy for Michelle Sauer.


  1. New Business: Fate of the Ballroom—A concern was raised by faculty as to whether they would have time to advise their students if they had to go to the proposed advising center to do the advising. Lisa and Karen stated that that is a misconception.  The idea is to hire people to staff the center and relieve faculty from advising the general college and undecided pool of students.  It will also be for those who wish to change majors so they can get advising while they are between programs.  Career counseling for these students would be provided at the center also, giving them some assistance and input in selecting an appropriate major.  Tutoring services would be offered through the center as well.


A question was raised concerning the requirement that every student be assigned a faculty advisor.  Perhaps the advising center needs to be referred to as an advising assistance program.  The center would serve as a medium through which two-way advising is done, with the center sending students to appropriate faculty and faculty sending students to the center who need the kind of advising that it provides.


Casey Coleman moved a resolution in support of renovating the MSU Ballroom space into the MSU Academic & Advising Center.  Chris Keller seconded the motion.  The motion was carried by general consensus.


Steve Hayton made the point that the center would provide some support for parents as they see their children getting the advising needed.

Whereas the Executive Board of the Faculty Senate has heard and recognized the benefits of the creation of an academic and advising center as presented by Lisa Johnson and Karen Donovan, and


Whereas the Executive Board recognizes the utility of a co-advising process using the proposed student academic and advising center, and


Whereas academic governance is a shared process between faculty and administration,


Therefore, be it resolved that the Faculty Senate Executive Board supports the renovation of the MSU Ballroom space into the MSU Academic & Advising Center, and


Be it further resolved that faculty be represented on the ad hoc committee responsible for the decision concerning the creation of the proposed academic and advising center to operate with the following mandates:



·        Two-way advising, directing students to appropriate area of expertise

·        Retention of high risk students

·        Support for undecided students

·        Reduce late entry into program

·        Early intervention

·        Bridges gap between majors

·        Tutor services available

·        One-stop shopping



  1. Old Business: Presidential Search Committee—Pres. Markel sought views concerning whether Faculty Senate should create an ad hoc committee to find three potential candidates and encourage them to apply for the position.  It was suggested also that the Senate provide a positive statement concerning the need for the position posting to reflect the need for an academic perspective, a president rather than a CEO.


The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Nilsen, Secretary