Minutes of Faculty Senate Executive Board Meeting

September 18, 2003 3:30 PM

Jones Room


The meeting was called to order by President Paul Markel.


In attendance: Paul Markel, Gary Rabe, Cheryl Nilsen, Casey Coleman, Nancy Hall, Ji-Hee Kim, Christopher Keller.  Absent: Michelle Sauer.


Casey Coleman moved to approve the minutes of the August 28 executive board meeting as amended.  The motion passed by concensus.


President Markel will be attending a meeting at which concerns on the university ranking in US News and World Report will be addressed.


The agenda was reviewed and kept as printed, with Dr. Hall to give her report when she arrives.


Dr. Keller spoke about the upcoming CCF meeting (Sept. 25 in Grand Forks). He will provide a full report on it and the previous CCF meeting at our next board meeting.


Administrative report – Dr. Hall

Faculty were busy this summer writing grants.  Three of those have been funded.


MSU has been working on partnerships and collaborations.  Job Corps Center is looking to us to expand our online training for jobs. 


A delegation from Singapore was here today.  We are internationalizing our curriculum and enrollment, among other things.  The delegation wants its students to be able to do part of the business program online and part on campus, which makes our program very attractive to them.  Dr. Kim suggested that we might attract more international students if we offer English language courses for them while they are here, as learning the language is often an important reason for their coming to the university.  Dr. Hall suggested that we could possibly partner with UND as they have faculty who are trained in ESL.  We do have at least two faculty members at MSU who have ESL credentials.


MSU is at its second highest enrollment in its history.  Growth has come in distance education, including a 35% increase in enrollment by Air Force personnel overall, due in part to 100% tuition support.  Efforts toward diversifying our candidate base are starting to pay off.


Old Business

Presidential Search Committee—Dr. Keller will present a resolution to the state board from Faculty Senate concerning the make up of the search committee.  Dr. Markel pointed out that Gary Rabe is the faculty representative on the committee, and as such needs to be supported by the rest of the faculty.  Dr. Hall stressed that faculty and campus groups need to communicate their views concerning qualification requirements for the new president.  Dr. Rabe indicated that he would like to hold some forums at which faculty can provide that input.  He wants to be well-informed and express views representative of the faculty as a whole.  We may make the presidential search committee meetings an agenda item so that senate can inform Dr. Rabe of concerns that need to be brought up at those meetings.  Dr. Keller suggested that Dr. Rabe should send e-mail to all senate members asking for input prior to the next faculty senate meeting.  The senators should gather input from their constituents.  Requiring each senator to bring a certain number of comments to the meeting was suggested.  Dr. Coleman suggested that the faculty should have the opportunity to see the marketing profile as it is being developed to determine whether it really matches up with how we see the institution, our operation, and ourselves.


Faculty Survey 2002-2003—Dr. Markel hopes to present the results in a more useable form by the end of the month.  It follows the presidential search agenda item intentionally to connect the results to the search process.  The question was raised as to whether the survey can be improved so that it provides information that may be as or more useful than that of the current survey.  Can we make a more efficient survey and make better use of the results?


Draft of Tenure and Promotion Guidelines—Dr. Markel has received one response to the draft so far, and it is addressed to the entire senate.  Each senator needs to be encouraged to solicit feedback on the draft from other faculty.  Dr. Keller suggested that the draft document be an agenda item at the next full senate meeting.  Senators need to get an e-mail letting them know that they should come prepared to discuss it at that meeting.


Executive Board Report on Faculty Senate Committees—The report was distributed at the last full senate meeting.  Senators need to be asked to come prepared to discuss it at their next meeting.  Suggested changes based on the recommendations may affect the by-laws.  That would require drafting of language by the Constitutional Review Committee that would be placed before the full faculty in the spring election.  All changes may have to go to a vote of the entire faculty.  Casey Coleman suggested that three Thursdays in a row the senate meets to address this issue, using the motion to adjourn until a certain time.  He also suggested that those meetings might be good ones in which to limit discussion in some manner.  Senators will be asked via e-mail to come prepared to discuss each suggested change.  Dr. Markel indicated that he will communicate with the senators in two ways.  One will be via e-mail with links to appropriate documents, and the other will be a hard copy.


New Business

Formal Approval of Appointments for Standing Faculty Senate Committees—Dr. Markel presented the following slate of candidates for the Standing Faculty Senate Committees as indicated: Michelle Sauer (A&S) and Ji-Hee Kim (Bus) to Senate Executive Board; Patti Fedje (Bus) to Academic Hall of Fame; Susan Podrygula (Lib) to Budget & Salary; Alexandra Deufel (A&S) to Constitutional Review; Clarine Sandstrom (EHS) to Center for Extended Learning; Draza Markovic (A&S) to Curriculum; Shirley Cole-Harding (EHS) and Beth Pross (EHS) to Faculty Development & Research; Karland Kilian (A&S) to Faculty Handbook; Linda Olson (A&S) to Faculty Rights; Wojciech Cebulak (A&S) to General Education; Shaunanne Tangney (A&S) and Kristi Berg (Bus) to Library; and Clark Markell (A&S) to Student Rights.  Dr. Keller moved and Dr. Rabe seconded that the slate of candidates be approved.  The motion carried.


Bylaw Concern Raised by Parliamentarian Coleman—Scheduling of Executive Board meetings.  According to the by laws, Art. 2 Sec. 3, the executive board is supposed to meet once a week unless other arrangements are decided upon.  Dr. Keller moved that the executive board meet once a month according to the current schedule unless additional meetings are needed.  Dr. Rabe seconded the motion.  The motion carried.


The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Nilsen, Secretary