Minutes of Faculty Senate Executive Board Meeting

3:30 Thursday, January 15, 2004

Weslie Room


The meeting was called to order by President Paul Markel.


In attendance: Casey Coleman Paul Markel, Cheryl Nilsen, Christopher Keller, Nancy Hall, Gary Rabe, Michelle Sauer. Absent: Ji-Hee Kim.


Approval of Minutes: Casey Coleman moved to approve the minutes of the November 18, 2003 meeting as presented. Nancy Hall seconded the motion. The motion carried by consensus.


Announcements – Dr. Paul Markel had no announcements for the day.


Review of Agenda: The agenda was approved as presented.


Administrative Report – Dr. Nancy Hall: An update on the presidential search was given. Dr. Hall stated that there were 33 applicants for the Minot State University President’s position. Fourteen applicants were recommended to the committee for serious consideration. The applications of this top tier group of candidates were distributed to the committee members, including a transcript of a telephone interview completed by the search firm. Nineteen applications were given to the committee for review as a second tier pool. The committee meets on campus on January 21, 2004.


The State Board of Higher Education is meeting by conference call today (Jan. 15) and will discuss the ConnectND payroll recommendation. Dr. Hillman is recommending twice a month payroll with a 15-day lag, consistent with the recommendation received by the Maximus consultants and the NDUS payroll design team. Wes Matthews is preparing implementation material for our campus based on the outcome of the meeting.


Bruce Haskins will be getting budget planning information concerning the 2004-2005 budget from the Board Office staff next week.


The NDUS has tracked students leaving MSU to determine their graduation rates upon transfer. They have also tracked students transferring to MSU to determine their graduation rate. Adding both groups of students to our traditional graduation rate still leaves MSU with one of the lowest graduation rates in the NDUS.


Based on an analysis of enrollment patterns and gap analyses in relation to other states in the country, North Dakota institutions of higher education have the potential to enroll (to fill gaps) more students from dual credit high school programs; more students in the working adult category with nights and weekend programs; and more students in graduate programs. NDUS institutions exceed the national average in enrolling traditional age students, and, in fact, lead the nation. As a response to the analysis, MSU should possibly look at adding technical education.

MSU is due to do a student satisfaction survey this spring. It will be administered on a Tuesday during 9:30 AM classes and in all evening MAFB and Bismarck courses. Long-range advance notice will be sent to faculty. In case of conflicts, faculty will be allowed to have one week to administer the survey.


CCF Report – Dr. Chris Keller: CCF met Dec. 9 and will not meet again until next week. There have been some listserv exchanges in the meantime. A task force has been created to evaluate systems for distance delivery of coursework.


A new version of the textbook and curriculum materials selection policy was submitted to SBHE by CCF. The primary change is in part 3, where the new version requires consultation with University or faculty senates in the creation of campus policy regarding the Selection of Textbooks and Other Curricular Materials. Action on the proposed new version was tabled until the February SBHE meeting.


A second issue that will be addressed at the next CCF meeting is the abilities of incoming freshmen that have just graduated from high school. There are policy issues related to use of test scores such as ACT or SAT as admission criteria as they result in denying of 10-15 percent of minority students the opportunity to be considered.


Dr. Keller shared an e-mail outlining the composition of the LMS task force. The five faculty members are Tom Petros, UND; Thomas Barnhart, NDSU; Lane Huber, BSC; Rita Kaeding, LRSC; and Phyllis Wong, VCSU. IT members are Cathy Horvath, MiSU; a representative from MaSU; and a representative from WSC. The three administrative representatives are from MiSU-BC, DSU, and NDSCS. John Richman, NDSCS, is the Facilitator.


The proposed 15-day lag in payroll when the new state system is put in place is another issue being addressed by CCF. It does not seem to be an issue of high concern on our campus as there has been little response to Dr. Keller’s e-mails explaining the process.


Presidential Search Committee Update – Dr. Gary Rabe: Dr. Rabe feels that there are many good candidates in the pool being considered at the second tier. They have academic experience. He urges faculty and staff to attend the next meeting of the committee on January 21 in the Conference Center’s Audubon Room. The pool will be narrowed at that meeting. Additional phone interviews will be held with those remaining in the pool, and campus visits will be scheduled for them in the near future.


With regard to the chancellor search, the board did not get the caliber of candidates that they had hoped. This will be addressed at their next meeting.


Michele Sauer reported that the library is willing to hold open forums on the proposed promotion and tenure guidelines. Jane LaPlante is willing to moderate the forums. It was suggested that the forums be an ongoing process, and that senators should contact their constituents about the issues and let them know when the forums will be held. They should also urge their constituents to write questions and concerns that can be submitted perhaps to Stewart Kelly, the ad hoc committee chair, prior to the forum and then addressed at the forum. Senators will then be charged with bringing the information gleaned from the forums back to the Senate so that action can be taken.

The question has been raised as to whether the guidelines must be voted on as-is in an all or nothing package versus a package in which some elements are allowed to be revised, deleted, or added while others remain as presented by the committee.


New Business:

Priorities for next full Senate meeting: We will initiate the discussion on the proposed tenure/promotion guidelines at next week’s Senate meeting. We will also establish a format for the forums at that meeting. A notice needs to go out to all faculty announcing meeting times, dates, and locations of Senate activities concerning the proposed guidelines. It was suggested that the forums be held twice before the February Senate meeting.


Contradictory wording in bylaws relative to faculty and supervisor appeals and grievances: Wes Matthews was unable to join us today to address these issues. Concerning the issues raised by Robin Clark’s committee, Dr. Hall indicated that there may be some confusion on the part of the committee as to policies and procedures and which the institution has control over. Policies are determined by the State Board, but the manner in which policies are implemented is determined by each institution. Policy, procedure, and practice are not interchangeable, but are instead linked. The committee will need to determine which issues deal with policy and which deal with procedure (implementation). This will be placed on the agenda for next month. However, if the committee needs direction prior to that meeting, Wes could attend a meeting of the committee to answer questions and make clarifications.


Goals for spring semester: Completion of work on committee recommendations and acting on the proposed tenure/promotion guidelines would make for a full semester. Dr. Markel also would like to address the issues raised by the Diversity Committee by the end of the semester. Increased recognition and involvement of adjunct faculty will probably have to wait until next year.


It was suggested that the Diversity Committee address the General Education Committee concerning making some general education courses have a diversity component and thus make MSU a leader among NDUS schools in the area of promoting diversity.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Nilsen, Secretary



Minot State University Faculty Senate 2003-2004
Executive Board Meeting
Thursday, January 15, 2004
3:30 p.m. Westlie Room
Executive Board Members
Paul Markel (Faculty Senate President)
Gary Rabe (Faculty Senate Vice President)

Cheryl Nilsen (Faculty Senate Secretary)

Casey Coleman (Faculty Senate Parliamentarian)

Christopher Keller (Immediate Past Faculty Senate President)

Nancy Hall (Vice President of Academic Affairs)

Michelle Sauer (Member-at-Large)

Ji-Hee Kim (Member-at-Large)



1. Approval of minutes

2. Announcements – Dr. Paul Markel

3. Review the Agenda

4. Administrative Report – Dr. Nancy Hall

5. CCF Report – Dr. Chris Keller

6. Presidential Search Committee Update – Dr. Gary Rabe

7. New Business

a.       “A” priorities for next full Senate (tenure/promotion guidelines, faculty senate committees suggestions)

b.      Contradictory wording in bylaws relative to faculty and supervisor appeals and grievances

c.       Goals for spring semester