Minutes of Faculty Senate Executive Board Meeting

October 30, 2003 3:30 PM

Jones Room


The meeting was called to order by President Paul Markel.


In attendance: Paul Markel, Gary Rabe, Cheryl Nilsen, Casey Coleman, Ji-Hee Kim, Christopher Keller, Michelle Sauer.  Absent: Nancy Hall.


Chris Keller moved to approve the minutes of the September 18th executive board meeting and the October 9th special meeting as amended. Casey Coleman seconded the motion.  The motion carried.


The agenda was reviewed and amended to omit the administrative report since Dr. Hall was absent.


CCF Report: Chris Keller reported that most items are made known to CCF through academic affairs. It looked at the proposed SBHE textbook policy at its IVN meeting. NDSU adopted a resolution concerning this issue. Stewart Kelly sent a letter to CCF concerning this issue. In it he stated his objections and their rationales concerning establishment of such a policy. CCF discussed NDUS adoption of a common, system-wide learning management environment for online courses. Retention rates in the NDUS system rank at or near the bottom when compared to other states. What is being suggested is that there be some sort of entry level competence for students admitted to four-year institutions in the system. The round table has met recently and is looking to add members.


Presidential Search Committee Update: Gary Rabe presented the profile adopted for the search. The committee looks to have its job finished in March. Everything has gone well so far. Many committee members have approached Gary and Nancy Hall saying that they do not know the issues at MSU and will give much credence to what Gary and Nancy have to say during the search process. They won’t have much to do now until applications come in December.


New Business:

Additional Meeting Times for Full Faculty Senate: Due to the amount of work coming to Senate regarding curriculum, tenure/promotion guidelines, by-law revision, and faculty senate committees’ suggestions, we may wish to set some additional full Senate meetings that address just those issues. The by-laws on the senate web site are incomplete, incorrect, and out of date. They should be removed until they are updated. Several by-laws that have been adopted are not being implemented. Michelle asked whether there would be forums for all faculty concerning the proposed tenure/promotion guidelines. It was stated that Senate should discuss the guidelines first and then decide how to get faculty input concerning their revision or adoption. Committee concerns have been sent to President Markel, which he presented to the board. It was decided that the committee suggestions be dealt with this semester during extra senate sessions to be spent on other issues. One concern was raised by the Faculty Handbook committee wondered whether it should present the handbook revisions in sections or all at once. Gary Rabe moved that the Faculty Handbook committee present to the executive board revised sections of the handbook as they are completed with revisions of the entire handbook presented to the full senate when completed. Michelle Sauer seconded the motion. The motion carried.


MSU Constitution by-laws: Casey Coleman brought up several revisions and updates that need to be made in the by-laws to reflect current practice and titles. Many of these have been voted on, but they have not been published. An attempt needs to be made to get these changes published so that the by-laws being read by faculty and others are accurate and complete. Chris Keller stated that the full senate should determine a repository for the by-laws. He also suggested that there should be a single person who is the senate archivist. Perhaps it is time for the senate to request a support person and funding to do this. Gary Rabe moved that President Markel approach Dr. Hall for personnel and an annual budget for senate administrative support. Casey Coleman seconded the motion. The motion carried.


Library Budget: Larry Greenwood has been informing departments that there will be budget cutbacks for the library and that department related library cuts should be expected. A question was raised about the context of the budget cuts. What is the impetus? It was suggested that Larry or Bruce Haskins be asked to come to the next full senate meeting to define the context of the budget cuts.


Order in the Senate: President Markel stated that several issues might be handled more expeditiously if he were to present brief statements either orally or in writing. He will undertake doing so.


Textbook Policy: Earnst Pijning has asked that the proposed SBHE textbook policy be placed on the next senate meeting agenda.


Bethany Andreason sent an e-mail objecting to the executive board adopting a resolution of senate support concerning the proposed advising center. It was noted that the resolution stated that this was a resolution of the senate executive board, not of the full senate.


An election needs to be held to replace Neil Nordquist on the Tenure Committee. It was recommended that the Faculty Affairs Committee take care of conducting this election within the Education and Health Sciences Department.


President Markel reported that there soon may be a grievance filed by a faculty member. The grievant has been working through Dr. Hall’s office, but has now been told that it must go through faculty senate. The special review committee would be the first to look at the issue should it be filed. The grievant is looking to senate for support and to provide a precedent for future grievances. Due to what happened last year, the grievance procedure and policies need to be reviewed and revised. With that need for revision, it would be best at this time to not have the full senate deal with this issue at this time. Gary Rabe suggested that President Markel speak with Dr. Hall and determine the specifics about the situation and how it should be approached.


Michelle Sauer stated that the diversity committee will be revising the harassment policy as it is very weak and not comprehensive. This could have bearing on the possible grievance. The diversity committee will be added to the full senate meeting agenda.


Ji-Hee Kim stated that there are inconsistencies in faculty evaluation procedures across campus. She also stated that it is difficult to find policies and procedures to follow when faculty have problems. It was brought up that the college handbooks to not match up well on policies with the university’s faculty handbook.


The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Nilsen, Secretary



Faculty Senate Executive Board Meeting

Thursday, October 30, 2003


  1. Approval of the Minutes
  2. Announcements – Dr. Paul Markel
  3. Review the Agenda
  4. Administrative Report – Dr. Nancy Hall
  5. CCF Report – Dr. Chris Keller
  6. Presidential Search Committee Update – Dr. Gary Rabe
  7. New Business
    1. Additional meeting times for full Faculty Senate (curriculum, tenure/promotion guidelines, faculty senate committees suggestions)
    2. MSU Constitution By-Laws
    3. Library Budget
    4. Order in the Senate
    5. Textbook Policy