Minutes of Faculty Senate Executive Board Meeting

3:30 Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Westlie Room


The meeting was called to order by President Paul Markel.


In attendance: Casey Coleman, Paul Markel, Gary Rabe, Cheryl Nilsen, Christopher Keller, Ji-Hee Kim, Michelle Sauer.  Absent: Nancy Hall.


Approval of Minutes: Casey Coleman moved to approve the minutes of the March 11, 2004 meeting as amended. Michelle Sauer seconded the motion. The motion carried by consensus.


Review of Agenda: Dr. Keller and Dr. Hall will be late so their business items will be addressed when they arrive. Dr. Rabe will provide an update on the Presidential search after the CCF report.


Announcements – Dr. Paul Markel: The next full Senate meeting is tomorrow. On April 29 faculty elections are held. At Senate tomorrow a nominating committee will be formed to identify candidates for Senate offices. Senate officers will be elected at the final Senate meeting of the term on May 6.


CCF Report – Dr. Chris Keller: CCF met yesterday. It is making a recommendation to form a task force to look at faculty salaries. Within four years, all faculty across the system are to be compensated at a level that is at least 85% of the regional average salary. Within 8 years, they are to be at 100% of the regional average.


Final language on the proposed textbook policy is to be presented at the SBHE meeting tomorrow. New language was developed by Lee Krueger and Ann Barnett with input from Mike Tillman. The proposed language changes can be found after the agenda following these minutes. Once the policy is adopted, MSU’s Academic Policy Committee will need to develop a plan for implementing the policy on our campus.


The compensation report will be presented at SBHE tomorrow. CCF will have a 1-hour meeting with SBHE and will meet as a council after that meeting.


Update on Presidential Search – Dr. Gary Rabe: Dr. Rabe will update the full Senate tomorrow about the search process. There was always a concern whether the SBHE would take into account the recommendations of the search committee. This concern did not come to fruition, as the Board seriously considered the findings of the committee. Dr. Rabe’s first choice was Dr. David Fuller, who was also the Board’s choice. Dr. Rabe was very pleased with the search process and the results. Dr. Fuller will be in Minot in May and would like to set up a meeting with faculty while he is here. Dr. Rabe will invite him to address Faculty Senate at its May 6th meeting should he be on campus that day.


Dr. Markel thanked Dr. Rabe on behalf of Faculty Senate for his work on the search committee.


New Business:

Formal Grievance Procedure: Dr. Markel has identified three individuals who are willing to serve on an ad hoc committee to address a formal grievance. Gary Rabe moved a resolution to support formation of an ad hoc committee to review the grievance pursuant to Article VIII, Section 1A of the Faculty Senate Bylaws. Casey Coleman seconded the motion. In discussion of the motion, it was pointed out that the grievance procedure is not a guilt finding process. Rather, it is a process to make recommendations to resolve conflict. The motion carried.


Curriculum Committee: At Senate tomorrow we will be addressing several curriculum changes. Stephen Hayton, Curriculum Committee Chair, will spearhead that business tomorrow.


Old Business:

Recommendations on Faculty Senate committees: We will take up as much as we can on this at our meeting tomorrow.


Draft Guidelines on Tenure and Promotion: This will extend into next semester.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:34 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Nilsen, Secretary



Minot State University Faculty Senate 2003-2004
Executive Board Meeting 
Wednesday, April 14, 2004
3:30 pm Westlie
Executive Board Members
Paul Markel (Faculty Senate President)
Gary Rabe (Faculty Senate Vice President) 
Cheryl Nilsen (Faculty Senate Secretary)
Casey Coleman (Faculty Senate Parliamentarian) 
Christopher Keller (Immediate Past Faculty Senate President)
Nancy Hall (Vice President of Academic Affairs)
Michelle Sauer (Member-at-Large member)
Ji-Hee Kim (Member-at-Large member)
1. Approval of the Minutes
2. Review the Agenda 
3. Announcements - Paul Markel
4. Administrative Report - Nancy Hall
5. CCF Report - Chris Keller
6. New Business
               a. Formal Grievance Procedure 
               b. Curriculum Committee
7. Old Business
               c. Recommendations on Faculty Senate committees
               d. Draft Guidelines on Tenure and Promotion
8. Adjourn: 4:30pm




SUBJECT: PERSONNEL                              EFFECTIVE:


Section: 611.9 Selection of Textbooks and Other Curricular Materials




The following rules govern selection of textbooks and other curricular materials:


1.   An instructor may not receive financial compensation or any other form of remuneration, excluding supporting educational materials for teaching, from a publisher or an agent of the publisher for the purpose of selecting or assigning textbooks or other curricular materials.


2.   An instructor or other employee who is paid or receives other remuneration in connection with the sale or assignment of textbooks or other curricular materials may not make the final decision to assign the materials. An instructor or other employee may, as provided under institution procedures implementing this policy:


a.   Assign all royalty payments or other remuneration resulting from assignment of these materials at the employing institution; or

b.   Retain royalty payments or other remunerations, in which case the final decision to assign the materials shall be made as provided under implementing institution each institution’s procedures.


3.   Each With the input of faculty, student and administration, each institution shall adopt procedures implementing this policy, including a process for review or appeal.

HISTORY: New policy.