Minutes of Minot State University Faculty Senate

December 5, 2002


Members present: Bethany Andreasen, Larry Atwood, Richard Barkosky, Lisa Borden-King, Christian Fantoni, Patti Fedje, Ron Fischer, Linda Haider, Nancy Hall, Christopher Keller, Paul Markel, David McCormack, Marie Mohler, Cheryl Nilsen, Linda Olson, Ernst Pijning, Susan Podrygula, Gary Rabe, Ron Royer, M. Saeed, Michelle Sauer, Richard Seklecki, Tom Seymour, Kenneth Staub

Members absent: Leisa Harmon, Clark Markell, H. Erik Shaar, Elizabeth Steere, Chad Johnson (student), Gabe Rauschenberger (student)

Guests present: Stephen Hayton (curriculum)


President Keller called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.


The minutes were accepted.


President Keller announced the appointment of Selmer Moen as a one year replacement for David McCormack on the Promotion Committee.


The agenda (attached) was reviewed.


Dr. Nancy Hall reported on current issues and events:

¨       By Fall 2004, only students enrolled for college credit are permitted to enroll or participate in a dual credit course. Students in these courses may or may not be receiving high school credit. This is already Minot State University’s practice, but this change will significantly affect some other NDUS campuses.

¨       Governor Hoeven's budget is available on the web. One feature that served us well in the last budget is a pool of funds to which institutions may apply for grants.

¨       Mayville, Valley City, and Dickinson are requesting authority to offer graduate credits. Outside consultants will be visiting MiSU officials next week to assess the impact of these requests.

¨       MiSU Stage I proposals were accepted by the Academic Affairs Council. These proposals will allow MiSU to plan a possible Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, an art concentration in the MEd degree, and a Business proposal.

¨       The Dean Search Committee has completed its work by forwarding the names of Dr. Nordquist and Dr. Martin to Dr. Shaar for his decision. The names were presented without preference but with a list of strengths and weaknesses.

¨       The Anne Nicole Nelson Theater construction is on schedule, except for theater rigging which will delayed until March 1.

¨       In response to a question about faculty load, a clarification is being made concerning the two types of independent study, independent student projects vs. established courses being taught to individuals.


Necessary by-laws amendments (attached) were presented by Dr. Andreasen.

The Constitutional Review Committee will now draft the actual wordings, which will be brought to the Senate and then to the full faculty.


President Keller presented the three models by which faculty are compensated for online courses: faculty develop and teach a new course, a faculty member mentors a new person to teach a previously developed course, and a person takes over teaching an online course without the benefit of a mentor. In all cases, department chairs approve the appointment of the online instructor. Other related issues were sent to the Curriculum Committee at the last Senate meeting. Curriculum Chair Stephen Hayton reported his committee is compiling a list of many issues concerning online courses, adjunct faculty appointment and qualifications, and related issues. He will report his committee's progress at the January 23 Senate meeting.


Dr. Hall reported that when a faculty member is bought out of teaching by a grant, several issues are being clarified on a case by case basis. (1) What, if any, service obligations will remain for the faculty member? (2) Who will the faculty member report to and be evaluated by? (3) What replacement personnel are needed? Responding to a related question, Dr. Hall said the mechanism for dispersing indirect funds is quite complicated. She will share that at the next Senate meeting.


Dr. Hall reported that separate faculty awards in the three areas of teaching, scholarship, and service are being considered for this year, replacing the former two annual faculty awards. Hearing no concerns, she said these plans will be carried forward.


President Keller reported (attached) on the WCET meeting he attended in Denver.


Dr. Rabe and Dr. Markel are merging the data from previous faculty surveys and they plan to then do further analysis of the data.


Ernst Pijning reported that the General Education Committee recommends renewal of the courses HMS 151, Econ 201 and 202, and Soc 101 and 210. They also recommend a one year probation for geography courses which are lacking assessment data. Ron Royer moved and Richard Seklecki seconded approval of these recommendations. Motion passed.


The Curriculum Committee presented the proposal which repackages Special Education courses to form a Special Education Emphasis which will be recognized by the state. Ron Royer moved and Lisa Bordon-King seconded the approval of this change. Motion passed.


Ron Fischer (representative to the Student Association) reported that students are considering a seven cent per credit fee to fund their participation in the North Dakota Student Association (NDSA). Student Asosciation President Gabe Rauschenberger spoke of the lobbying efforts of NDSA.


President Keller adjourned the meeting at 4:25 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

David McCormack, Secretary
Minot State University Faculty Senate 2002-2003

Full Senate Meeting December 5, 2002

3:30 p.m. Westlie Room



Faculty Senate President - Dr. Christopher Keller

Faculty Senate Vice President - Dr. Paul Markel

Faculty Senate Secretary - Dr. David McCormack

Faculty Senate Parliamentarian - Dr. Bethany Andreasen 



At-large: David McCormack (03), Rick Seklecki (03), Tom Seymour (03), Elizabeth Steere (03), Leisa Harmon (04), Susan Podrygula (04), Michelle Sauer (04), Larry Atwood (05), Cheryl Nilsen (05)

Arts and Sciences: Rick Barkosky (03), Ron Fischer (03), Ernst Pijning (03), Chris Keller (04), Clark Markell (04), Ron Royer (04), Christian Fantoni (05), Linda Olson (05), Gary Rabe (05)

Business: Patti Fedje (04), Mohammad Saeed (05)

Education and Health Sciences: Marie Mohler (03), Ken Staub (03), Lisa Borden King (04), Paul Markel

Students: Chad Johnson, Colin McNamara



  1. Approval of the minutes
  2. Announcements
  3. Review the Agenda
  4. Administrative report
  5. Old Business

      a. Proposed bylaw amendments

      b. Policy concerning adjunct faculty qualification and appointment procedures

  1. New Business

            a. Considerations in adjusting contracts when grants are funded - Dr. Hall

            b. Faculty Achievement Awards 2003--Teaching, Scholarship, Service - Dr. Hall

      c. Report on the WCET meeting - Dr. Chris Keller

d. Report: ad hoc Committee on the Faculty Opinion Survey - Dr. Markel & Dr. Rabe

            e. Report: Student Association activity - Dr. Fischer






Committee membership/terms

Athletic Policies Committee (Article III, Section 3.C.1) membership includes the Dean of Students.  The Senate should make a substitution for this position, which no longer exists.


Library Committee (Article III, Section 3.M.1) membership includes the Director of the Graduate School.  This terminology is no longer current, and needs to be updated to Dean of the Graduate School.


Student Rights Committee (Article III, Section 3.P.1) membership includes the Dean of Students.  The Senate should make a substitution for this position, which no longer exists.


The terms for the representatives to the Council of College Faculties (Article III, Section 1.G) are not spelled out in the bylaws.  The CCF Constitution provides for three year terms, but this does not answer the question of the length of the alternate’s term, although in practice this has been one year.  The Senate should amend this section to make the terms of service clear for all three positions.



Faculty Handbook Committee (Article III, Section 3.J.5) duties need to be revised, if we are indeed moving to an electronic version of the handbook.  The logical starting point would be to ask the Handbook Committee to review the list of duties and recommend revisions for the Senate to consider.



In previous years, the Senate has discussed the necessity for a policy statement permitting exceptions to the requirement of continuous service for candidates for tenure and promotion.  This statement will need to be included within both Articles V and VI of the bylaws, which the Senate presumably will be revising after the report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Tenure and Promotion.


Amendments require both Faculty Senate and faculty approval.


Report on the WCET (Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications) 14th Annual Conference - November 6-9, 2002 - Denver, Colorado


The meeting included approximately 300 participants, mostly from the administrative ranks of academic institutions as well as on-line professionals


The four day meeting featured several concurrent sessions running throughout each day on a wide range of subjects related to on-line and distance education issues. A sampling of subjects addressed include: new technologies, federal and regional policies, growth of online student services, vender presentations, quality assurance and assessment, and intellectual property rights. See http://conference.wcet.info/ for a complete outline of the conference sessions.


Some prognostications:


Some high points and impressions:

o       few offerings appear to exist in this area (Brigham Young, U of Maryland University College, PBS intro chemistry: "Only the content") 



Christopher Keller

MSU Faculty Senate President

December 5, 2002