Minutes of

MiSU Faculty Senate Executive Committee

April 10, 2003


Present: Andreasen, Barkosky, Burke, Hall, Keller, McCormack.

Absent: Markel, Seymour.


President Chris Keller called the meeting to order at 3:35 p.m.


President Keller announced that the faculty opinion survey has not yet been distributed.


The agenda (attached) was reviewed.


The minutes of the March 13 regular meeting and the April 3 special meeting were approved with a minor change.


Dr. Hall presented her administrative report:


Thus far the Senate has taken no action on the Excellence in Teaching Model presented earlier this year. Training sessions have been held with chairs to establish a basic vocabulary for teacher excellence. The model is being used for faculty development and not for evaluation. The faculty has expressed some concern about defining a single model for good teaching, yet the research does provide pedagogical tools for improved learning.


The review of Faculty Senate Committees continued from the previous exec meeting. It was agreed to recommended changing the membership of the Continuing Education Committee by replacing the Director of Continuing Education with a Representative from Continuing Education served by or appointed by the Outreach Director. Committee duties should also be modified because salaries are determined by a pay scale and not by this committee. Also, committee duties should not include  scheduling courses.  The committee will be asked to draft a list of duties which should be included.


In discussion of the Curriculum Committee duties, it was noted that the Committee actually doesn’t actually do the first two items, examine the curriculum continually for possible improvements, and coordinate undergraduate and graduate curricula. The possibility of regular program review was discussed. Currently, possible elimination is discussed only in connection with budget crunches. Perhaps the faculty should  be proactive rather than reactive regarding program terminations. Discussion of this issue will be placed on the next Faculty Senate agenda.


For the Faculty Affairs Committee, it was agreed to delete the duties of “work toward the improvement of University activities and organizations,” and “to plan activities and events which will benefit faculty relationships.” In recognition of the true current function of the committee, it was agreed to recommend a name change to the Faculty Elections Committee. The membership would be changed to include one representative from each College and one representative from the Library.


For the Faculty Development and Research Committee, it was agreed to recommend the addition under membership of a statement allowing the committee to add a consultant if desired.


It was agreed to hold a special Executive Board meeting on April 24 to attempt to finish the review of committees. A report will be presented to the Senate at its last meeting of the year with the hopes that the Senate will act on the recommendations during the 2003-2004 year.


The meeting adjourned at 5:04 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




David R. McCormack


Minot State University Faculty Senate 2002-2003

Executive Board Meeting April 10, 2003

3:30 p.m. Westlie Room


Executive Board Members

Christopher Keller (Faculty Senate President)

Paul Markel (Faculty Senate Vice President)

David McCormack (Faculty Senate Secretary)

Bethany Andreasen (Faculty Senate Parliamentarian)

Richard Barkosky (Immediate Past Faculty Senate President)

Nancy Hall (Vice President of Academic Affairs)

Tom Seymour

Don Burke



1. Approval of the minutes

2. Announcements

3. Review the Agenda

4. Administrative report

5. Old Business

            a. Review of Faculty Senate Committees (continued)


6. New Business

            a. Status of the Excellence in Teaching Model