Minutes of

MiSU Faculty Senate Executive Committee

October 31, 2002


Members present: Andreasen, Barkosky, Burke, Hall, Keller, Markel, McCormack, Seymour

Members absent: None

Guests present: Jason Zablotney, Gary Ross


President Keller called the meeting to order at 3:31 p.m.


Minutes of the previous meeting were approved by consent.


President Keller announced the next meeting of the full Faculty Senate will be November 14, not November 7.


Dr. Nancy Hall presented the administrative report:

      A new payroll system is being implemented in the NDUS. Mayville and Valley City are currently piloting the changeover. Information will be distributed to the Faculty Senate next week and eventually to the full faculty. The principle change is semi-monthly paychecks accompanied by an eight day delay in pay.

      MSU officials met with Minot Daily News reporters announcing a number of grants recently awarded to MSU and alert the Daily to a number of other newsworthy activities. This may lead to good pubic exposure in the Daily.

      The MSU fact book has been distributed and is available on the web.


For old business, Keller announced that Ron Fischer and Liz Steere have agreed to serve as Faculty Senate liaisons to the Student Association. Seymour moved and Barkosky seconded approval of these appointments. Motion passed.


To begin new business, Jason Zablotney reported his efforts to start a MSU chapter of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Membership requires a 3.4 GPA. Besides scholarship, the organization encourages service projects. Four students are currently applying to the Student Association for official status as a student organization. Zablotney will present this information to the full Faculty Senate on November 14.


Gary Ross presented information on the Learning Community Projects Program grants for developing and refining learner outcomes. The information has already been distributed to the entire faculty. The first round of proposals is due on November 15.


President Keller reported that he has begun comparing this year's Faculty Opinion Survey results to those of previous years. Although the old raw data has not yet been located, he will "cut and paste" the graphs from 1999, 2000, and 2001 into a single comparative report for the Faculty Senate.


The beginnings of the Froeber Faculty Center, initiated by Larry Atwood and Paul Markel were discussed. Burke moved and Markel seconded that Barkosky contact faculty to assess the desire a for larger room, and to assess the level of anticipated usage. Motion passed.


Andreasen will present needed By-Laws changes at the next Faculty Senate meeting. She will also recommend that the Faculty Handbook be updated and that it be put online. Handbook updates will include examination of SBHE policy changes.


The meeting adjourned at 4:29.


Respectfully submitted,


David McCormack


Minot State University Faculty Senate 2002-2003

Executive Board Meeting September 26, 2002

3:30 p.m. Westlie Room



Executive Board Members

Christopher Keller (Faculty Senate President)

Paul Markel (Faculty Senate Vice President)

David McCormack (Faculty Senate Secretary)

Bethany Andreasen (Faculty Senate Parliamentarian - appointment pending FS


Richard Barkosky (Immediate Past Faculty Senate President)

Nancy Hall (Vice President of Academic Affairs)

Tom Seymour

Don Burke



1. Approval of the minutes

2. Announcements

3. Review the Agenda

4. Administrative report - Dr. Nancy Hall

5. Old Business

a. Committee appointments

5. New Business

a. Draft 8 of the Faculty Sick Leave Policy

b. Possible Stage 1 proposals for new programs

c. Faculty Opinion Survey

d. Schedule change for full Senate