Minutes of

MiSU Faculty Senate Executive Committee

August 29, 2002


Members present: Barkosky, Hall, Keller, Markel, McCormack

Members (pending appointment) present: Andreasen, Burke, Seymour

Members absent: None

Guests present: Bruce Haskins, Wes Matthews


President Keller called the meeting to order at 3:33 p.m.


In brief opening remarks, Keller suggested that vision setting should a be goal of the Faculty Senate this year.


For announcements, Keller noted:

¨      The opinion survey is yet to be compiled so he will report on that in the future.

¨      There is no CCF report because they didn't meet during the summer.

¨      The Arts and Humanities Summit and the State of the Faculty Conference will possibly be held together in Grand Forks on October 6-7.


To accommodate guests, agenda items 5a and 5b were addressed out of order.


Wes Matthews presented an update on the faculty sick leave policy. The policy has not been implemented yet to allow the two new deans to have input into the policy. He also presented several minor changes since the last draft. The possibility of short term disability insurance was discussed.


Bruce Haskins reported on two finance related topics. The first was the 1.05% budget allotment (disallotment) declared by Governor Hoeven in July. For MiSU, this amounted to a $286,000 cut from the general budget. The allotment is being achieved by $125,000 in reductions including a $65,000 library budget cut. The remaining allotment, if needed will be achieved by a $40 spring semester tuition increase. Department funds remained intact.


The agenda of this meeting (attached) was reviewed.


For the second financial topic, Haskins explained that for 2003-2005, MiSU was required to present two budgets to OMB for consideration: a hold even budget and a needs based budget. A hold even budget would be very difficult for MiSU because it would not sustain a number of items including the last round of raises.


Dr. Nancy Hall presented the administrative report:

¨      She requested input on the spending of $1000 budgeted to send people to the CCF conference in Grand Forks. No money has been budgeted for the Arts and Humanities Summit. The executive committee agreed to allow the budget for attendees of either conference, on a first come first served basis.

¨      Cathy Horvath of ITCentral (with student help) is able to provide web page services for the Faculty Senate. Previously we have paid $500 for web page services. Keller will provide a list of information to be available on the web page. We will continue to hire web page services for the services desired above those provided by ITCentral. Monies not needed for the web page could be used to allow more people to attend the Grand Forks conference.

¨      The first day head count was 3587 compared to 3266 of one year ago. These figures are not FTE. It was noted that 600-700 MAF B personnel are to be deployed in October.

¨      The survey of incoming freshmen was presented. There are several statistics which raise concern for retention of students.

¨      New curriculum initiatives in the state are (1) Exercise Science at UND and (2) Logisitics Management (NDSU).


Keller presented his list of committee appointments (attached). Barkosky moved and Markel seconded approval of the appointments. Motion passed. Certain positions remain unfilled at this point.


Keller presented a calendar of Faculty Senate Executive Committee, Faculty Senate, and Faculty meetings for 2002-2003 (attached). Barkosky moved and Markel seconded approval of the calendar. Motion passed.


Dr. Shaar will be requested to speak to the Senate regarding the Faculty and Staff tuition waiver policy.


The Faculty Senate will be asked to reinstate the ad hoc Committee on Tenure and Promotion. Dean Rod Hulet was suggested as a replacement for former Dean Jack Rasmussen.


Kim Thompson will be requested to speak to the Senate regarding outside media promotion of MiSU.


Dick Jenkins and Linda Bertsch will be requested to speak to the Senate regarding recruitment strategies and policies.


Keller declared the meeting adjourned at 5:01 p.m.


Minot State University Faculty Senate 2002-2003

Executive Board Meeting August 29, 2002

3:30 p.m. Westlie Room


Executive Board Members

Christopher Keller (Faculty Senate President)

Paul Markel (Faculty Senate Vice President)

David McCormack (Faculty Senate Secretary)

Bethany Andreasen (Faculty Senate Parliamentarian - appointment pending FS


Richard Barkosky (Immediate Past Faculty Senate President)

Nancy Hall (Vice President of Academic Affairs)

Tom Seymour(appointment pending approval by Faculty Senate)

Don Burke (appointment pending approval by Faculty Senate)



1. Introductory remarks by Faculty Senate President

2. Announcements

3. Review the Agenda

4. Administrative report - Dr. Nancy Hall

5. New Business

      a. Sick leave policy update - Wes Matthews

      b. Hold even budget - Bruce Haskins

      c. Committee appointments

      d. Tentative meeting schedules for Executive Board and Faculty Senate

      e. Family and Staff Tuition Waver

      f. ad hoc Committee on Tenure and Promotion

      g. Faculty involvement in student recruitment






MSU Faculty Senate Appointments

( submitted to MSU Faculty Senate Executive Board for approval August 29, 2002 )


1.) Faculty Senate at-large position

            Dr. Rick Seklecki (one year replacement for Dr. Cole until annual election)

            (College representatives [1 for A&S and 1 for E&HS] are to be replaced by election)


2) Academic Hall of Fame        1-three year 

            Dr. Audrey Lundey


3) Athletic Policies Committee

            Dr. Christopher Beachy (3 year term)


4) Budget and Salary Committee

            Dr. Bryce Fifield (one year replacement for Bob Lower)

            Deanna Klein (3 year term)


5) Constitutional Review

            Leisa Harmon (2 year term)

            Dr. Bryce Fifield (3 year term)


6) Center for Extended learning Committee

            Dr. Jerry Stai (Business representative)


7) Faculty Development and Research Committee

            Dr. Linda Cresap (one year replacement for Zitelli/Lipke)

            Dr. Jon Rumney (3 year term)

            Dr. Robert Kibler (3 year term)


8) Faculty Handbook Committee

            Dr. Vicki Michels (2 year term, replacement for LeeAnn Miller in E&SH position)

            Dr. Joseph Jastrzembski (3 year term A&S position)


9) Faculty Rights Committee

            Dr. Allen Kihm (one year replacement for Rand Rodewald) 


10) General Education Committee

            Dr. Gary Ross (Business)


11) Student Rights Committee

            Dr. Rick Seklecki (3 year term)




Tentative Meeting Schedule for the Executive Board and Faculty Senate for the 2002-2003 academic year.

(Unless changed, meetings will be held in the Westlie Room of the MSU Student Union at 3:30 pm)



Executive Board                                   Faculty Senate


August 29                                             September 5


September 26                                       October 3


October 31                                          November 7


November 21                                       December 5


January 16                                            January 23


February 13                                         February 20


March 13                                             March 27


April 10                                                April 17


                                                            April 24 (Annual meeting/elections; held in                                                                                                         Aleshire Theatre)


                                                            May 1



Note: all dates are Thursdays