Minutes of Special Meeting of the

MiSU Faculty Senate Executive Committee

April 3, 2003


Members present: Andreasen, Barkosky, Burke, Hall, Keller, Markel, McCormack.

Members absent: Seymour.


President Keller called the meeting to order at 3:35 p.m. This special meeting was for the sole purpose of continuing the examination of all Faculty Senate committees which begun at the special meeting of February 27, 2003.


Of the sixteen committees, nine have completed the survey sent after the last meeting. Four committees have not met for the entire year.


The task was again clarified. The Faculty Senate Exec is to review the duties and lines of communication for all Faculty Senate committees.


It was agreed that the duties for all committees should include at least one meeting annually, at which the chair for the coming year will be chosen and at which the committee is to produce its annual report to the Faculty Senate. It was also agreed that the President should contact each committee during fall semester. These and other decisions will eventually be presented to the Constitutional Review Committee so that language can be drafted for the By-Laws according to these recommendations.


The Exec then began reviewing individual committees, generally in the order listed in the By-Laws.


The Academic Hall of Fame Committee has not met. It is hoped they will meet next year. No changes were recommended for the By-Laws.


In the Academic Policies Committee, the Dean of Institutional Planning should be changed to Director of Records. It was also decided that 3 faculty members elected at large should be added to the committee, along with an ex officio Center for Extended Learning Representative served or appointed by the Director of Outreach. It was also agreed that the duties should read something like "To examine specific academic policies, both graduate and undergraduate, as directed by the Senate President. The Senate President will determine whether specific issues need full Senate discussion before being sent to the committee."


It was agreed to ask Gary Leslie and Rick Hedburg whether they see any need for the Athletic Policies Committee to exist. The thinking was that DAC10 may set all the athletic policies so that policies are no longer set locally.


It was agreed to recommend dropping the Budget and Salary Committee, which has not met in two years. The suggestion was that when such a committee might be needed in the future, an ad hoc institutional committee should be appointed which would include three faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate President.


The Constitutional Review Committee and the Faculty Handbook Committee were considered together. It was agreed the word "annually" should be inserted in the duties of both committees, concerning the review of their respective documents. It was also noted that the Faculty Handbook should refer to the website rather than to replacement pages.


The meeting adjourned at 4:58. The remaining committees will be discussed at future special exec meetings.


Respectfully submitted,




David McCormack