Minutes of

MiSU Faculty Senate Executive Committee

February 27, 2003


Members present: Andreasen, Barkosky, Burke, Hall, Keller, Markel, McCormack.

Members absent: Seymour.


President Keller called a special meeting of the Executive Committee to order at 3:40 p.m. The purpose of this meeting was to begin the task of reviewing all Faculty Senate committees, as directed by the Faculty Senate.


President Keller presented his draft of a survey to gather information from all Faculty Senate committees. Discussion resulted in a survey form (attached) which will be sent to all Faculty Senate committees. The survey is due back to President Keller on March 13.


Other discussion resulted in the suggestion that the annual reports of Faculty Senate committees include a statement of the next year's priorities for that committee.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:05.



Respectfully submitted,




David McCormack

Faculty Senate Committee Survey


            At the January 23, 2003 meeting of the Faculty Senate a motion was passed directing the Faculty Senate Executive Board to "review the entire Faculty Senate committee structure including committee duties and lines of communication." The informal survey below should help us in an initial attempt to determine what is happening in various Faculty Senate Committees. Please complete the form (use the back or attach additional pages as necessary) and return it to me by March 13.


Christopher Keller

MSU Faculty Senate President 2002-2003


  1. Committee name: 



  1. Current Committee Chairperson:



  1. Has your committee met this academic year? How often?




  1. Did your Committee meet last year? How often?




  1. Did your committee prepare and submit to the Faculty Senate an annual report for last academic year?














  1. What activities has your committee undertaken so far this academic year either as directed by the Faculty Senate or by the Faculty Senate Bylaws?











  1. Did your committee undertake other work or responsibilities, last year or this, not described above?










  1. What do you see as priorities for your committee next year?











  1. Do you have any suggestions for restructuring of the membership or duties of the committee that you think would be in order? Please refer to the attached Faculty Handbook description of committee duties.