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Results of Faculty Elections and Bylaws Changes:
April 25, 2002

Bylaws Amendment Changes: All Bylaws were agreed to

 At-large Faculty Elections:

Faculty Senate
3-year term:
Larry Atwood
Monte Cole
Cheryl Nilsen

2-year term:
Lisa Harmon

1-year term:
Liz Steere

Constitutional Review
Robin Clark

Curriculum Committee
I-Ming Chiu

Faculty Rights Committee
Sharon Reynolds

Promotion Committee
Stewart Kelly
Gary Rabe

Special Review Committee
3-year term:
Deanna Klein
Harold Nelson
Keith Witwer

2-year term:
Rita Curl
Julianne Eklund

1-year term:
Larry Chu
Mary Person

Tenure Committee
Bethany Andreasen
Allen Kihm

Council of College Faculties
3-year term: Mike Duffy
1-year term: Ron Royer
Alternate: Ernst Pijning

 Results of College Elections were as follows:

College of Business

Faculty Senate:Mohammed Saeed

 Continuing Ed: Jerry Stai

Faculty Affairs: Wally Walizer

College of Education & Health  Sciences

 Faculty Senate: Paul Markel- 3-year term

(No one elected) - 1-year term (will elect in fall)

 Curriculum: Orlene Schroeder

 Faculty Affairs: Pat Jorgenson

Tenure: Neil Nordquist

College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Senate:
Christian Fantoni
Linda Olson

Academic Policies: Bethany Andreasen

Michelle Sauer
Christian Fantoni

Faculty Affairs: Lynette Dalley

 Promotion: Robert Crackel

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