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Victim Assistance Academy for North Dakota (VAAND)

Students - Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend the academy?
The VAAND encourages the attendance of individuals from victim service organizations and other allied professions who routinely work with crime victims that have at least one year of work experience. This includes volunteers and paid staff from a variety of community-based and system-based programs.

Where will the academy be located?
For 2013, the academy will be held at the NDSCS Skills & Technology Center in north Fargo.

What should I bring to the academy?
Please check back for updates.

How long is the academy?
For 2013, the academy will be a blended method of course delivery of approximately 40 hours. This means that some of the course delivery will be conducted through online modules. The remainder of the course delivery will be provided by field experts face-to-face beginning on Sunday (April 14) and concluding on Wednesday (April 17).

How do I apply?
Interested professionals and college students can apply by completing the Student Application [click here] and then email the completed application to Shelly Carlson at:

How are students selected?
The selection process is intended to promote a diverse academy class that represents North Dakota’s geographic regions, as well as the various types of victim service agencies in our state. Priority will be given to paid or volunteer victim service providers with 1 to 5 years of experience working with crime victims. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis. If you have less than 1 or more than 5 years experience, please address your interest in attending the academy in your personal statement.

Can professionals with more than 5 years of work experience attend?
The VAAND welcomes more advanced professionals, as their experience may be a value to the program and other less experienced professionals; however, please keep in mind the academy uses foundation-level curriculum.

What is the cost to attend the academy?
The cost to attend the 2013 VAAND is $100 per student payable upon acceptance into the academy.

Will scholarships be available?
The Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) offers 5 scholarships to victim service providers and eligible agencies and organizations to attend State Victim Assistance Academies. To apply for a scholarship from OVC go to their website at and click on "Apply for Scholarships" on the left side of the page. Choose the "Professional Development Scholarship Program" and follow the instructions. Please note their deadline to apply for a scholarship. More scholarship opportunities will be posted as they become available.

Can I get credit for attending the academy?
Please check back for updates.

Is there a cancellation fee?
Please check back for updates.

Important dates I need to know.

Student applications are due March 15, 2013.

Victim Assistance Academy for North Dakota