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Rural Crime and Justice Center (RCJC)

What's Happening

The Rural Crime and Justice Center (RCJC) is a self-contained research organization located at Minot State University in Minot, ND. The center was initially established in 1999 to explore the unique characteristics of rural crime and deviance. Over the years, RCJC’s role has expanded to include research and evaluation of various aspects related to criminal justice.

In February 2002, RCJC became a Center of Excellence on the campus of Minot State University. The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education (SBHE) defines “Centers of Excellence” as “…public/private partnership research /economic development efforts that will have a positive, long-term, measurable impact on the state’s economy and gross state product and may include the following components: creates private sector jobs; includes public/private sector partnerships; leverages other funding; stimulates new wealth; fosters and practices entrepreneurship; links to the New Economy Initiative clusters; grows North Dakota’s economy; addresses depopulation; supports bold aggressive initiatives; and represents major efforts intended to fund projects in the range of $1 million dollars each.”




A University Center of Excellence