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Coming together of Three Affiliated Tribes depicted on student artwork

The Minot State University Native American Cultural Awareness Club selected a student to design a buffalo hide painting depicting the coming together of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation. The hide will be presented to Mark Fox, chairman of the Three Affiliated Tribes, April 28 during the Annual Spring Dance and Powwow Celebration. The powwow runs April 28-29 in the Dome.

Shantelle Carey, a painting major, is currently working on the buffalo hide painting as part of her senior capstone project.

"I'm excited," Carey said. "I did a mural for my high school, but I've never done anything this big that I had to move."

Carey has worked extensively with acrylic on rabbit hides, and this project marks her first turn with buffalo hide.

"Hide is a lot like canvas except smoother because it doesn't have all the fibers that canvas does," said Carey.

Working with buffalo hide presented a number of challenges for Carey. Buffalo hide is much thicker than rabbit hide. In order to puncture the hide to stretch it over the frame, Carey used a hammer and ice pick. The frame was constructed with rope and six large tree branches.

"The hide is nine feet tall," said Carey. "It will take at least three people to move it."

The hide will be painted left to right in story format showing the three tribes coming together. The painting will include the Souris River as a main theme, as all three tribes used to camp along it. Carey would also like to include the symbol of the MSU Native American Cultural Club in the painting.

Carey plans to display the hide during her senior exhibit, which opens in the Gordon B. Olson Library gallery this June. The exhibit will be titled "An Individual Exploration of Spirituality" and will focus on themes found in Christianity, Buddhism and spirituality of specific Native American cultures.