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Experience plus knowledge inspired success at MSU

It is easy to say that Minot State University is a destination of opportunity. However for many students, it is much more than a destination. It is an experience and opportunity of a lifetime and for an increasing number of older than average students, the opportunity to enrich their knowledge is inspired by a lifetime of experience. This is particularly true of MSU senior and military veteran, Robert Schwartz, 35, who made Minot State his academic destination after making Minot his home.

"I've always been goal oriented," Schwartz said. "When I left the military I knew I would move on to become a teacher. With my technical background in law enforcement, as well as my leadership experience, one of my main responsibilities in the Air Force was to teach younger airmen some super cool stuff. Teaching young people things that really matter and that make a difference is so important. The military brought me to Minot in 1999, and although I moved away, I planned on returning to Minot when I left the military. My goal to become a teacher and to return to Minot, along with MSU's excellent reputation and its history as a teacher's college inspired me to choose Minot State."

MSU's commitment to students is grounded in effective and motivated teaching and learning, scholarship and service. By extending a wealth of opportunities for student engagement, the success of MSU students is redefined to the development of students who are more than just marketable commodities in today's job market.

"I feel prepared to teach, not just because of the curriculum but because of the dedicated faculty," Schwartz said. "As a student, I see that it's more than ‘what' they teach. It's how they relate to students. As a student, the small class sizes allow me to engage with dedicated professionals as role models, and it inspires me. My takeaway, as a person and as a teacher, is that I have a philosophy of responsibility to ensure our youth see our potential, which is great, and to make it just the best."

Students new to Minot State may not always see the wealth of ways they can take advantage of the ways that MSU can make a difference, not just in their educational experience but in their lives. When asked what he would change of his time at MSU, Schwartz says he "wouldn't change a thing," and as he draws nearer to graduation, he has this advice for his fellow Beavers:

"Don't squander the opportunities or resources available. Take it seriously and wring every drop of wisdom and knowledge you can from your experience. Participate, say something, and take from your experience at MSU all that you can, because odds are you will never have the same chance to make a real difference in your life, as well as the lives of others."

Schwartz plans to graduate from MSU in May with a Bachelor of Science in Education in history.