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Taking involvement to a whole new level

Minot State University is an ideal destination for students for many reasons - affordability, small class sizes, and a dynamic learning environment, to name a few. For MSU graduate student, staff member and adjunct professor, Courtenay (Burckhard) Corpe, '12, the opportunities open to students, the ability to work closely with and alongside professors and advisors, in addition to the athletics and fitness programs, facilities and education program have made Minot State the perfect place to further her studies as she pursues her advanced degree in education.

"I consider myself to be the ultimate Beaver," Corpe said. "It started with attending MSU sporting events with my family when I was younger. I went on to take several MSU dual credit courses while in high school before pursuing my undergraduate degree and playing volleyball for MSU."

MSU also enables her to balance academic demands while being a wife and mother of a toddler. For Corpe, a Burlington, N.D. native, Minot State University is more than just a destination, it's a foundation built upon the dedication of the people who make up the university.

"Minot State is really about the people," Corpe said. "Professors, advisors and staff -- everyone is dedicated to the success of students. There have been many who have helped guide me and inspire me to exceed even my own expectations. Professors like Terry Eckmann and Heather Golly, and in particular my advisor Dan Conn, help me see things outside the box."

President John F. Kennedy is quoted as saying that "physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity." For Corpe, fitness and physical activity are just part puzzle of a more holistic view of a healthy and successful lifestyle.

"I joke that I was practically born with a softball and bat in hand, but I've always been passionate about being involved in sports," Corpe said. "My family has always embraced an active lifestyle. A lot of what we did as a family was centered around active outdoor activities. Growing up I participated in a lot of different organized sports. Eventually I went on to play volleyball, even a little golf for MSU while pursuing my undergraduate degree and now I help manage the Wellness Center and teach group exercise classes all while pursuing my graduate degree. It's not about being perfect, or being the most physically fit - it's about achieving an active lifestyle, which impacts every nuance of daily life."

When asked what advice she would offer new undergraduate or even graduate students, Corpe couldn't have been more enthusiastic.

"Get involved," Corpe said. "Seek out leadership opportunities in sports, clubs or even student government and focus on balancing academics with exploring the full student experience. Perhaps most importantly, stay active and take care of yourself."