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A positive force on campus for 50 years

The average U.S. employee works at an individual firm for nearly five years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, land a job that doesn't feel like work, and one might decide to stick around for half a century, such as Bev Alex, administrative assistant.

"99 percent of the time it's not work, it just isn't," said Alex.

Alex earned her certificate from the Dakota Business College in Fargo and worked her first job in the Business Office at Dickinson State University for eight years. Her husband Val, a beer distributor, was transferred to Minot in 1959. Alex spent a few years at home, and in 1966 decided to apply for a job in the Business Office at MSU. While she's changed departments, she's remained at Minot State for 50 years. Some may ask why Alex wouldn't take advantage of retirement.

"I just enjoy being around people, and I love my work," Alex said. "The students, faculty and staff ... I've enjoyed every minute of it."

Alex worked in the business office for 37 years. In 2003, a lot began to change, such as technology. It was during this time Alex decided to retire from full-time employment and help out an area she holds near and dear to her heart - athletics.

"Rick Hedberg and Bruce Haskins offered me a part-time job in the Dome, and I jumped at it," Alex said. "I knew it was for me. I've forever been interested in sports. It's just a thrill for me!"

Alex's infectious enthusiasm is demonstrated at each and every sporting event she attends. As a spectator, Alex experiences a similar release that an athlete might experience on the field or court.

"I get to holler and shout and just be myself," explained Alex. "It gives me an out and a release. And while I sometimes wonder if it's too much, I once heard a guy comment, ‘You know, we really need that!' - it was my boisterous stuff he was referring to. So I guess sometimes it does some good!"

When she's not busy working or attending athletic events, Alex is not likely to be found in the confines of her home. Rather, she spends time volunteering at Second Story and is very active at Christ Lutheran Church. She has served the past 45 years in numerous roles for the Minot Eagles Auxiliary #2376, from the ritual team and charity committees to secretary and president. For the Dakota State Auxiliary, she is the treasurer. Alex also enjoys spending time with her son, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

"Everything I do keeps me going," Alex said. "It's so important to be helpful and kind, and it just makes me feel good. Being involved with everything is so important too, it keeps me motivated."