Lost and Found

The MSU Mailroom serves as the official Lost and Found for the Minot State University campus.

Location: MSU Mailroom, first floor of the Student Center Atrium, east side
Hours: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday
Phone: 701-858-3010 or 701-858-4130

Many times lost items are given to offices nearest to where they were found. Those places can and should be checked first as items are usually kept there several days before given to Lost and Found.

Found items are kept for 30 days. When items are unclaimed and have value they are given to charity.

Reporting and Claims
If an item is lost, please contact Minot State University. If the item has not been found, the information will be logged and the owner will be called if the item is found. When claiming a lost item, MSU will need a detailed description of the item and a photo ID for verification at the time of pickup.

Stolen Items
If an item is stolen on campus, the MSU Office of Safety and Security should be contacted.

Campus Security Direct Line: 701-500-2423
Website: www.minotstateu.edu/safety

If an item is lost or stolen off campus, the Minot Police Department should be contacted.

Phone:  701-852-0111
Website: www.minotnd.org/219/Police-Department