University Communications FAQs

I recently received an award, and I am the leader of a group that has an event coming up. How do I get something in the news? Contact the Office of Public Information, located on the second floor of the Administration Building. Walk-in, personal visits are welcome. Here is our contact information:

Michael Linnell
Director of University Communications

What are your deadlines? Most print news deadlines are established well ahead of the print date, so we appreciate being notified of news items at least three weeks in advance. The Minot Daily News, for instance, requires copy to be submitted by Wednesday for the Saturday and Sunday editions.

What about Inside? Inside is the university's newsletter for faculty, staff and friends of Minot State University that is published every other Wednesday throughout the school year and on the first Wednesday of every month during the summer. In addition to being distributed to MSU employees, it is sent to retirees, MSU board members, State Board of Higher Education members, and publicly-elected officials. For publication, copy must be submitted a week in advance. The most recent issue and a link to archived editions can be found by visiting the Inside Newsletter page. You can submit items for Inside to The deadline is noon one week prior to the publication date.

Where can I read news releases and stories that are produced by the University Communication office? Many general stories appear on the home page of the university's Web site

To whom does the public information office send its news? We maintain several electronic distribution lists that allow us to disseminate materials to members of the media. They include:

  1. A "local" list - Minot television and radio stations and Minot Daily News
  2. A "daily" list - all daily newspapers, N.D. Public Radio, N.D. Associated Press and "Hear it Now" public radio program
  3. A "regional" list - newspapers within approximately a 100-mile radius.
  4. A "statewide" list - all weekly newspapers.

These lists can be combined in any manner, for example combining the "statewide" and "daily" lists would reach all of the newspapers in North Dakota. We also target media outlets that we determine are most likely to take interest in stories.

Tell me about Tips for the Media. Tips for the Media is a two-week planning document that provides brief descriptions and background on news items to pique the interest of reporters. It sometimes includes "story ideas" that are not tied to specific calendar events. Tips for the Media is produced each Friday when classes are in session during fall and spring semester. It is produced on an "as needed" basis during the summer session. You can submit items for Tips to the Media to The deadline is Wednesday before the publication date.

I capitalized my job title in the information I sent to you, and the person who wrote the story lowercased it. Why is that? Except in some circumstances, the public information office produces its stories in Associated Press style, the most commonly used style among U.S. media outlets and the approved style for MSU publications. If you see changes in capitalization, punctuation, or wording from the information that you submitted, it is probably a result of conforming to media style.