Welcome Weekend Service Activity

As part of Welcome Weekend activities, Minot State University continues the tradition of our incoming first-year students participating in community service activities. During this activity, new students will work alongside other first year students, student leaders, faculty, and staff. Students will learn about the community partnerships which exist between Minot State University and our community partners.

First-year students are required to participate in one 2 hour service project, as participation and a possible writing assignment will be graded in each of the UNIV 110. Please make sure to make every effort to attend one of the times listed.


You will receive an email with a link to sign up for a Welcome Weekend Group. Groups are assigned by service site, service date, and service time. You will receive several emails regarding details about Welcome Weekend and from your group leader. The sooner you register for your Welcome Weekend group, the more choices you will have.

Activities will be announced by July 1, 2019.


Please print and fill out the Emergency Information Sheet and  the Welcome Weekend Service Activity Waiver Form.  (If you are under the age of 18, you must have your guardian complete this form prior to your participation.)

This is a decision you will need to make.  Most students figure out a way to make one of the service activities.  If you do not attend, this will be reflected in your UNIV110 grade.  The instructor of your UNIV110 may elect to offer a make-up session, but this will not be the standard for all UNIV110 instructors.

We will not know what each group's assignment will be prior to the activity, but all participants MUST WEAR:

  • Please wear your new orientation t-shirt!
  • Clothing you would not mind getting dirty
  • Jeans, athletic type clothing, and t-shirts are all acceptable

You can also bring a water bottle and snack. 

Cell phone usage will not be allowed during the event, as it is very possible your phone will be damaged.  Please leave it in your bag or in another safe location.

Check-in for your service site will be located  at the Red Tent.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your service start time, in order to fill out paperwork (if you do not bring your paperwork with you).