Welcome Weekend Service Activity

As part of Welcome Weekend activities, Minot State University continues the tradition of our incoming first-year students participating in community service activities. During this activity, new students will work alongside other first year students, student leaders, faculty, and staff. Students will learn about the community partnerships which exist between Minot State University and our community partners.

First-year students are required to participate in one 2 hour service project, as participation and a possible writing assignment will be graded in each of the UNIV 110. Please make sure to make every effort to attend one of the times listed.


You will receive an email with a link to sign up for a Welcome Weekend Site.  Groups are assigned by service site, service date, and service time. You will receive several emails regarding details about Welcome Weekend and from your group leader. The sooner you register for your Welcome Weekend group, the more choices you will have.

Air and Space Museum

Do you love airplanes and the history of flight?  Sign up to help the Air and Space Museum set up for an event.  You might even Helping set up for event and cleaning planes.

Christ Lutheran Church

Do you like free soup?  Well…..Did you know that Minot State University partners with area churches to provide free soup for students every Tuesday.   How wonderful is that!?!  Since Christ Lutheran Church is one of the main providers of free soup, we thought a little reciprocity would be a really good way to show our appreciation.  At this site, students will help improve the courtyard at Christ Lutheran Church.  This includes painting projects, planting (weeding), and other small activities to help create an updated courtyard space for this organization.  Just think of it as practicing for when you go on HGTV :)

Downtown Minot Project

Make Minot GREAT!  Did you know there is a non-profit team of Minot residence working to revitalize downtown and make Minot great!  Come learn about downtown and help work on an outdoor project for Downtown Minot. 

Friends of the Souris River

Have you seen Finding Nemo?  All water leads to the ocean.  Well, like in Finding Nemo, all Minot water leads to the Souris River.  If you are passionate about the environment, this project is for you.  Participants will spray painting drains around the Minot area to inform the community about water pollution and will help remind us that all things, good and bad, lead to the Souris. 

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity oversees the building of new homes for families who could not otherwise afford a house.  But…..did you know Habitat for Humanity also helps individuals who are not able to complete home projects.  This site will allow you to help an individual or family who is unable to complete home projects. 

Magic City Discovery Center

The Magic City Discover Center engages children and families in the magic of life-long learning through discovery, creativity, and play.  At this service site, you will assist the MCDC with program prep for outreach activities which are planned for the fall.  If you are an education major, or just a kid at heart, this would be a great site for you!

Minot State Food Pantry

Did you know one in five college students struggle to have enough food during their time in college?  Minot State University provides a food pantry for students, faculty, and staff who are in need a food items and winter clothing items.  This service project will allow participants to help organize and sort donations to the Minot State food pantry and also understand that it takes a community to help each other in times of need. 


The YWCA is a women and children shelter located in downtown Minot.  Not only does the YWCA provide a safe place to sleep, but also job training and career counseling for women, as well as childcare.  At this service site, participants will be sorting donations and painting projects – This will take place indoors.

Surprise Me!!

Are you spontaneous and like to be surprised?   Let us pick your site for you!!!  It’s like Let’s Make a Deal, but without getting zonked!  We have several wonderful sites available.  If you do not have your heart set on a particular site, pick a time you want to volunteer, under the Surprise Me!! tab and we will assign you to a site.  


We're sorry, the following Service Activities are currently full:

Minot Park District

Enjoy the North Dakota Summer and get outside to help the Minot Park District with cleaning up our parks!  This service site will have participants raking, planting trees, laying mulch, shoveling rock, etc.

Roosevelt Park Zoo

Who doesn't love going to the zoo!?!  This service site location will provide students an opportunity gather food for the hoofed animals.  Participants will pull leaves off trees for the zoo to freeze for winter food for the animals.  You might also have some time to explore the zoo an check out the construction of the new tiger exhibit!!

Souris Valley Animal Shelter

Puppies, and Kitties, and Bunnies….OH MY!  This service project is for the animal lovers.  Participants will walking dogs, playing with cats, cleaning and helping to organize.  You will be working with animals or near animals.  If you are allergic to animals, please do not sign up for this session.

The Wellington – Assisted Living

Who doesn't love a picnic?  At this service site, you will be setting up and assisting with a picnic for residents who live at the Wellington, an assisted living facility which provides independent living areas for older adults.  If you are an old soul or you love to connect with the young at heart, this service site is for you. 



Please print and fill out the Emergency Information Sheet and  the Welcome Weekend Service Activity Waiver Form.  (If you are under the age of 18, you must have your guardian complete this form prior to your participation.)

This is a decision you will need to make.  Most students figure out a way to make one of the service activities.  If you do not attend, this will be reflected in your UNIV110 grade.  The instructor of your UNIV110 may elect to offer a make-up session, but this will not be the standard for all UNIV110 instructors.

We will not know what each group's assignment will be prior to the activity, but all participants MUST WEAR:

  • Please wear your new orientation t-shirt!
  • Clothing you would not mind getting dirty
  • Jeans, athletic type clothing, and t-shirts are all acceptable

You can also bring a water bottle and snack. 

Cell phone usage will not be allowed during the event, as it is very possible your phone will be damaged.  Please leave it in your bag or in another safe location.

Check-in for your service site will be located  at the Red Tent.  Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your service start time, in order to fill out paperwork (if you do not bring your paperwork with you).