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Developmental Courses

What are Developmental Courses?
Developmental courses are required as prerequisites for higher level English and Math courses, they do not count as credit toward graduation, and they do not impact college GPA. Students in developmental courses must earn a "C" or higher in order to take the next level course. The developmental courses qualify for Financial Aid.

What Scores Require Developmental Courses?

  • An ACT English score of 17 or lower or SAT Writing of 24 or lower
    *If age 25 or older at the start of the term or transferring 24 or more credits you are exempt from the English developmental requirement
  • An ACT Math score of 20 or lower or SAT Math score of 540 or lower

What should I do next?
If you feel your current ACT or SAT score(s) is not an accurate measure of your ability, you will want to consider taking the Placement (Math/English Placement) exam.

Placement EXAM
The Placement exam is a measuring tool for Math and English placement. Why would you take the Placement exam:

  • If you feel your current ACT or SAT score(s) is not an accurate measure of your ability.
  • If you do not have an ACT or SAT score, you are required to take this exam.
  • If you are a Transfer student and have not provided MSU with your ACT or SAT test scores and you have not completed your Math or English at another institution, you must either provide us with your ACT or SAT scores or take the Placement exam before registering for your Math or English courses.

You will have the opportunity to take the Placement exam when you come to CONNECT Orientation; however, it's recommended that you take the test prior to your CONNECT date. Options for taking the exam include:

  • Take the Placement exam at MSU prior to the Orientation program. Contact the Academic Test Center at 701-858-3830 to schedule an appointment. The test center is open Monday-Friday from 8 am-4:30 pm.
  • Take a Placement exam at a remote location.
To schedule a remote Placement test:
  • Contact the Center for Extended Learning at 701-858-3990 and request to schedule a remote Placement. Please have your student ID number and the type of Placement test you need to take (Math, Writing Skills, or both).
  • Once this process is finished, you will get an email from ACT with a registration number. You will need this registration number when you take the remote exam.
  • Contact the testing site to schedule an appointment. The remote test center may charge a fee for the exam.

Note: You will need to request remote access from MSU at least 48 hours prior to scheduling the exam at your remote location. Your remote access is valid for 45 days. If you do not take the exam within 45 days, you will be required to contact MSU to request permission again.

Orientation Contacts:
Enrollment Services
701-858-3350  or 1-800-777-0750 ext. 3350

Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning (CETL)
701-858-4040 or 1-800-777-0750 ext. 4040