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Instructions on How to Backup Assignments

Below are instructions on how to create a file backup on a USB storage drive or on a CD. These instructions were created using Microsoft Word and Windows 7. The screens may look different with a different operating system, but the steps will essentially be the same.

  1. Connect your USB Drive to your computer or laptop.
  2. Open a copy of your assignment in Microsoft Word.
    Your assignment in Microsoft Word
  3. Click on File in the upper left corner and choose Save As.
    Choose Save As from the file menu
  4. Find your USB Drive under your Computer on the left side. The letter assigned to it may be different on your personal computer.
    Find your USB Drive under Computer
  5. Give your assignment a Name and click on Save.
  1. Place a blank CD in your computer's CD-RW drive.
  2. An AutoPlay screen should automatically pop-up.
  3. Click on Burn files to disc.
    Click on Burn files to disc
  4. You have two options: to use the CD as a USB flash drive or to burn the files using a CD/DVD player. Choose one of these options.
    Choose how you want to burn your files to the CD
  5. If you choose to use this disk Like a USB flash drive, click on this option and follow the same basic instructions as above.
  6. If you choose to burn the files using a CD/DVD player, click on this option.
    CD ready for files to be burned to it.
  7. Find the files on your computer, that you want to burn on the CD. Select them, right click on them, and choose Copy.
    Right click on the files that you want to burn and choose Paste
  8. Go back to your CD drive, right click, and choose Paste.
    Right click on your CD drive and choose Paste.
  9. Choose Burn to disc below the address bar at the top of the page.
    Choose Burn to disc
  10. Your files will now be written to your CD. Make sure to label your CD so you know what is on it.