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Advising FAQs

Each student is assigned to an Academic Advisor of Record upon admission to the University, based upon declared major.

Students can view their academic advisors by logging in to CampusConnection. Once logged in, students should click on their Student Center where they can view their academic advisor’s name and contact information on the right side of the screen. Students can obtain their advisor’s e-mail address by clicking on the details link. If no advisor is listed in Campus Connection, it is important for students to contact the main office of their intended field of study.

  • Your advisor will assist you to understand the academic and administrative processes of the university and the nature of its academic programs. The advisor neither grants nor denies administrative approval for particular academic actions or transfer course substitutions. Decisions for academic actions or transfer course substitutions are made by the Chairperson of the Department for which the action or course is being substituted in concert with the Registrar’s Office.
  • The advisor helps the advisee to understand the relationships among the courses, programs, undergraduate research opportunities, internships, and other academic experiences provided by the university.
  • Help the advisee to plan a course of study and give advice about courses and the adjustment of course loads.
  • Refer advisees to other resources when appropriate.
  • Communicate with each college or department to keep informed and current.
  • Academic advising will assist you in making informed decisions. You need to feel confident about your plans to make the most of your education and complete your degree as proficiently as possible.
  • Although academic advisors are here to help, it is important for students to realize that the ultimate responsibility for meeting all graduation requirements is their own.

Yes, tutoring is available in English/Grammar, Economics, Math, Chemistry, Statistics, Accounting, Spanish and Essay Writing. MSU Online offers free online tutoring to all university students. To access more information regarding online tutoring services visit the SmarThinking page. The online tutoring service is free to all MSU students.

Ask questions if you don’t understand what you have read or have been told. Be proactive is seeking assistance for making program/registration decisions. Track your own progress and check with an advisor to make certain you are choosing the appropriate courses for your major. If you have concerns or difficulties with courses, instructors, policies or procedures, bring this up with an advisor to assist you in finding a solution. Students are responsible for understanding and complying with add, drop, withdrawal, registration, and graduation dates and deadlines. Students are responsible for completing assignments and tests, their own time management and study skills, and communicating with instructors if concerns arise.

If a course is closed you may add yourself to the Wait List for that course. When and if a space becomes available you are contacted via email when you are registered for the course.

Each student establishes the catalog under which they will complete their degree requirements once enrollment is begun and continues uninterrupted.

A student’s requirements to graduate default to the catalog under which the student initially enrolled with Minot State University. The student and/or an advisor must notify the Registrar’s Office if a student is following the requirements of a different catalog. Students can only choose to follow the requirements of a catalog that was published after initial enrollment. If a student has a break in enrollment, he/she must follow the requirements of the catalog representing the term in which the student re-enrolls.