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Be seen. Be heard.

Northwest Arts Center

Americas 2017: Paperworks

January 10 through February 23, 2017
Hartnett Hall Gallery, Northwest Art Center
Minot State University, Minot, ND

Juror: Michael Strand
Fargo, ND

Artists and Works Selected:
Best of Show
Linda Whitney
Valley City, ND
"Fancy Shawl Dancer"
Merit Award
James Allumbaugh
Dallas, TX
Graphite, Ink, Paper, Lacquer
Merit Award
Tyler Evin
West Fargo, ND
"Hands (No. 1)"
Marble on Paper
Merit Award
Michael Hower
Enola, PA
Digital Photograph
Merit Award
Ron Lambert
Bloomsburg, PA
"Corner Burn"
Cast Paper, Steel
Merit Award
Jim Pearson
Lawrenceville, IL
"Landscape, Memory and Bone QNK"
Digital Inkjet Print

Dennis Applebee
Macon, GA

Beth Blake
Greenville, NC
""Shift" from the Vulnerability Series"
Digital Painting

Kate Borcherding
Huntsville, TX
"Blue Circus"
Etching and Monoprint

Richard Buswell
Helena, MT
"Abstract No. 1"
Gelatin Silver Print

Tyler Evin
West Fargo, ND
"M.S. (No. 2)"
Marble on Paper

Michael Fleischhacker
Silver Spring, MD
"Figure Study 1"
Gelatin Silver Print

William Howard
Macomb, IL
"Canyon 1"

Axelle Kieffer
Savannah, GA
"On Stage"
Handcut Collage

Haeley Kyong
Franklin Lakes, NJ

Ron Lambert
Bloomsburg, PA
"Bird Song"
Cast Paper, Steel, Digital Print, Speaker

Fides Linien
Dresden, Saxony, Germany
Kozo Paper, Yarn

Samantha Messer
Norwood, OH
"Unknown Quantity (1)"
Acrylic, Paper, Glue

Jason Milburn
Streetsboro, OH
"Jones Wig"
Graphite, Ink, Wallpaper

Jeff Morrical
Los Angeles, CA
Folded Paper

Fredrick Nelson
St Louis, MO
"Human Behavior"
Graphite, Pastel

Brian Paulsen
Grand Forks, ND
"Jerome Always Wanted to be a Cartoonist"

Sheli Petersen
Omaha, NE
"Flying Kiwi"
Ink, Colored Pencil

Gail Postal
New York, NY
Graphite, Colored Pencil

Michal Sagar
Minneapolis, MN
Graphite, Charcoal, Conté, Pumice Sand, Wax, Oil

Robert Schwieger
Plainfield, IL
"School Daze: Carnival (Rev. 16)"
Screenprint Monotype With Gold Leaf

Edward Shmunes
Columbia, SC
"Sit Fidelia Sit"

Paul Stillson
Wichita Falls, TX
"Unlikely Company"
Digital Collage

Ron Testa
Wilmette, IL
Digital Drawing

Robert Therien
Fremont, NE
"Calladiums  - XII"

Rhonda Thomas Urdang
Flagstaff, AZ
"Calliope (Three Travelers)"

Laura Yang
Kennet Square, PA
"Fading Peonies"
Digital Collage