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Division of Music

Student Profiles

Kaylee Capp is a current Music Education major at Minot State University. Her primary instrument is voice and her secondary, trumpet. Kaylee decided to study music at Minot State for many reasons. A few being the strong positive impressions the music faculty made on her throughout high school, it's one of the top music programs in the state, and she could only see herself thriving in a musical profession.

She has lived in the small town of Max, ND for most of her life. Kaylee has always been very active in the music community of Minot, participating in various performing ensembles such as Western Plains Children's Choir, Western Plains Opera Company, and MSU Summer Theatre. She actively studied voice under Dr. Rebecca Petrik, Dr. Jennifer McQuade, and currently, Dr. DeVera Bowles. Kaylee has achieved star rankings at Region and State Music Competitions for her vocal solos, attended All State Music Festival, and placed second in the Lower College Musical Theatre Women's Division of the National Association for Teachers of Singing (NATS) competition. Post-graduation, Kaylee intends to share her love of music with young students of the public school system.