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Division of Music

Student Profiles

Kyle Walsh: South St. Paul, Minnesota, BS in Music Education, Choral, junior

What I really like is that the professors truly care about their students on a personal level, outside the classroom. I really like that. I enjoy working with Dr. Bowles in choir and in voice lessons. I think we get along well and I’m learning a lot about more about the voice than I thought there was to learn!  I love that we have the opera company and the symphony, giving us the opportunity to perform solos we wouldn’t have in a larger school.

Another great dynamic that I’ve observed is that we’re not, “Hello, you’re a fellow student,”  but we’re a family. We may butt heads on occasion, as friends will, but we all belong here and we are all welcomed as soon as we walk in the door. It makes you feel nice. We are all so close.