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Division of Music

Student Profiles

Chelsea Peters, Caronport, Saskatchewan, BS in Elementary Education, senior

My name is Chelsea Peters and am a transfer student in the Elementary Education program. Initially, I joined band in order to have a musical outlet while at Minot State and because they needed a tuba player. I had not joined at the beginning of the year because I was afraid that I would not have enough experience. However, when some students found out I could play tuba, they invited me to try and it has been a great experience. Even though I am not in the music program, I felt accepted at once and safe enough to try new things. The marching band and pep band have been my favorite part of being in the band because the music is engaging and the people know how to have fun. I believe that being in band has been beneficial to me as a future teacher, because it has given me the experience of what it is to work together as a group to make something beautiful, something that we can own and be responsible for. Band gives me and any other student the chance to be well-rounded individuals who can express themselves in different areas of life.