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Division of Music

Student Profiles

Miranda Fenner: Minot North Dakota, BS in Music Education, Composite, junior

Minot State was an easy choice for me. It is my hometown but it is also a place where I felt comfortable and where I knew I would have lots of options and opportunities.  I went to the Minot Symphony when I was in 6th Grade with my class and I told myself that one day that that would be me. And now I have been playing in the Minot Symphony for 3 years.  One of the greatest moments of my college career was playing Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. It was at that moment in my freshman year that I knew that I had made the right decision to go to Minot State and study music. Minot State has good class sizes for student to teacher ratio and a lot of great scholarship opportunities.

Another major reason why I chose to come to Minot State was that I was able to study in two areas: cello and voice. Going the composite route was a necessity for me because choosing between the two instruments would have torn me apart, and I want the opportunity to be able to teach both choir and orchestra. I am excited for the day that I get to pass on all my knowledge and love of music to my students.