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Division of Music

Student Profiles

Gabrielle Damschen: Hampden, North Dakota, BA in Music, voice, senior

I chose MSU because I loved the voice teachers and because I was familiar with the campus. I've stayed at MSU because I've found here a close-knit team of musicians devoted to artistry and education. 

As someone who came from a small school and small community, I like the size of MSU: it's big enough that there are always new faces, but many familiar ones as well.  As far as the Music Division goes, I'm smitten.  I love that each student gets individual, personal attention from their professors, who are excellent at communicating and transferring their knowledge about music (and lots of other life survival skills!).  Each of my private lesson instructors has a different flair to their teaching and I wouldn't trade a moment of that one-to-one instruction for anything.

I also love the breadth of possibility that we have here.  As an incoming freshman, I had a wide variety of interests: playing piano, violin, and flute as well as singing, and was considering the prospect of pursuing majors other than music.  Here, I don't have to limit myself to a singular focus.  I've taken lessons in 3 different instruments and have been involved in a variety of ensembles.  In addition, I'm able to earn a French minor and Honors concentration which broaden my educational experience.  I've also had the time to be involved in several Bible studies, a rich campus life, and cultivate some diverse friendships with international students and students from other majors and backgrounds.​