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Division of Music

Student Profiles

Nathan Bowles: Minot, North Dakota, BS in Music Education, Choral, freshman   

The biggest thing that drew me to this school was the sense of community within each program. Being from Minot my whole life, coming to a school that is no farther than a mile from my own home has been surprisingly convenient and enjoyable. This also meant that the music division feels like a second home to me, with students and faculty alike being welcoming and kind.

The smaller class sizes have really made my learning experience optimum, as each class is a much more interactive experience with the professor than it would be at a larger school. I feel as though every teacher here genuinely cares about my education, and wants me to learn to the best of my abilities. The quality of education each professor gives is unparalleled, and their expertise really shows when looking at some of the juniors and seniors. And the best part is, everything you see is genuine. No professor tells you something "just because," and all of them express genuine care for my education and performance as a vocalist and as a teacher. I couldn't recommend it enough.